We are seeing a disturbing increase in scam activity both internally and out in the general public, we ask you all to show extra diligence when responding to emails, phone calls, SMS’s and other communications; both for your business and personal purposes. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of these unusual circumstances to double down on finding any opportunity to try to acquire money, credentials too personal or company logins, confidential information, personal details, etc.

 To give some perspective, the ACCC’s Scam-watch reported $443,981 lost to identity theft scams in April which was more than double the totals for February and March combined, you can find further information in the article linked below.


 If you have any doubts, or suspicions relating to communication that you have received, then please check with your IT advisor to double-check for you before responding or opening anything that seems suspicious.  Above all DO NOT give your personal details to anyone that you do not identify, or with whom you have approved a transaction.