I AM A FIRM BELIEVER that each one of us is endowed with seeds of genius. And if we are very clear about our unique gifts and highest values, we will ignite the spark that will draw out the best in us. 

Operating from that premise, will allow us to make wise decisions on how we will show-up in a meaningful way, both for our benefit and for the benefit of others whose lives we will impact.

This is so important, not just for finding meaning and fulfillment in our personal lives, but also in making an impact in our business world. 

In a sea of similarities, the only way you will stand-out is by doing things slightly differently, in ways that can resinate with others as genuine and authentic, making your interaction with others memorable!


To help ignite in you your inner spark we are delighted to present to you at our upcoming on-line conference a diverse range of world experts in both personal development and business.  The list you will see below.

First up, let me introduce you to a world master of business and personal development – Brendon Burchard who will share with you HOW YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE A HIGH PERFORMER. What I love about this lecture is that it is evidence-based. After studying the research on more than2 million people, Brendon will reveal the secrets behind improving every aspect of your life. 

In this presentation, Brendon will uncover the attributes that you need to pursue and foster that can make your road to contentment and achievement, on both life and business, easier and so much more enjoyable.

As a young teenage of 19 who tried to commit suicide Brendon Burchard discovered and activated a winning mindset and in less than a decade, he not only overcame his personal challenges, but went on to become a world leader in the area of personal development and business. 

His presentations have depth. They are powerful and real because he has personal experience what it means to be discouraged.

First and foremost, Burchard is a writer. He’s also the highest-paid motivation and marketing trainer in the world (we were so impressed with his humility and thrilled with his willingness to accepted to present at our event). 

He’s the No. 1 host in YouTube’s self-help category, with more than 100 million total views (including through his blog and Facebook), and his podcast, The Brendon Show, debuted at No. 1 on iTunes. He is a global top 100 most followed public figure on Facebook. More than 2 million students have completed one of his video series or 13 online courses, including High-Performance Academy and Experts Academy, both of which also include annual live events that have sold out for the past six years. He has shared the stage with the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington and Tony Robbins.

But if you ask him what he loves doing, he’ll tell you he’s a creator who loves to serve. As the author of six books, including High Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way, which debuts [September 2017], his writing is his art.

After finding its home at Hay House, the book spent more than 30 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. [Oprah Winfrey would later interview Brendon about the book for the cover feature of O Magazine, and Meghan Markle added it to her Top 5 recommended books list.

Brendon Burchard is only one of several other business and professional development experts that you will get to hear at the APAN ON-LINE AESTHETICS CONFERENCE.  We guarantee the event will transform you.

Here are the business and personal development experts who will be presenting:

  • Brendon Burchard USA: How you know if you are a High Performer 
  • Glen Campbell Aust: Building a Powerful and Profitable Brand in a Crisis
  • Daniel Dixon Aust: Creating Your Dream Team 
  • Phillip Fernandez Aust: How to Achieve Business Success in the New Decade
  • Matt Williams Aust: The Building Blocks of Successful Business 
  • Gill Fish Aust:  Success in the Post COVID-19 Era and the Digital Imperative
  • Dr Caroline Leaf South Africa: Cultivating a Winning Mindset (neuro-science perspective)
  • Trish Hammond Aust: Client Profiling for Successful Social Media Marketing
  • Lisa Maree Chelsom Aust: Successful Management Strategies for Business Growth – What you measure you can grow.

We have 41 speakers world-class speaker segment that will be presented over three days and also available on our website for 7 days so you can view them at your convenience.

Cost:  $299 non-members and $279 for Current financial members.

Please note:  These are COVID-19 SPECIAL RATES:  They will not be repeated in future events.