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Developing dynamic alliances for the Aesthetics Industry.

Established in 2008, the AESTHETICS PRACTITIONERS ADVISORY NETWORK (APAN) is Australia’s fastest growing member-based professional organisation in the Australian Aesthetics Industry. We represent and pursue the interests of practitioners in aesthetics, dermal therapies, cosmetic nursing, cosmetic tattooing, beauty therapy plus more!

We define professional standards and support the development of educational qualifications that protect the integrity of the profession and the safety of the consumer. We create educational events and workshops for connection, networking and continue to enhance and improve professional skills, best practice and foster professionalism, high standards and integrity.

Mindful of the on-going industry advances we possess the capabilities and knowledge to represent and service the industry’s needs on several levels. Our activities include involvement and contribution in state and federal regulatory processes, as well as servicing our members in the area of:

  • Business
  • Industrial relations
  • Legal matters
  • Profession development and education
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Accessing credible suppliers
  • Special rates with services providers – insurance, merchant banking, payment plan services
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Tina Viney

Tina Viney is a visionary, leading authority and figurehead in the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics industry. She has held leadership positions and served on Association boards for over 27 years. Her most noted contribution is in governance and the development of standards and regulations. Her involvement with the aesthetics industry spans over 50 years.
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We are accountable to an advisory council who provide us with expert advice and recommendations to ensure our services remain current and relevant.

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Accreditation Programs

We offer two accredited programs

Members are invited to submit their qualifications for assessment and apply for an inclusion in our national accreditation program – as an ARAP Registered Practitioner or a CTARP Registered Practitioner (for Cosmetic Tattooists). Successful candidates will be included in the APAN National Register.
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ARAP (APAN Registered Aesthetics Practitioner)

We have a special Trademark – ARAP™ (APAN Registered Aesthetics Practitioner). Industry professionals are invited to submit their qualifications for evaluation by an industry assessor, who will review their documentation and determine their appropriate level of registration. There are several categories within the ARAP registration to help identify the appropriate skills needed in accrediting a practitioner. This process is separate to membership.
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CTARP (Cosmetic Tattoo APAN Registered Practitioner)

As cosmetic tattooing has now secured advances in nationally approved qualifications to the new diploma level, qualified professionals can now gain formal recognition of their qualifications and apply to be accepted under the CTARP Registration and included in the APAN National Practitioner Register.

To apply for this status, you will need to have completed the following qualifications:

  • SHB50321 Diploma of Cosmetic Tattooing
  • HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention for Skin Penetration Treatments or SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards

We pledge to strengthen the reputation of individuals, or businesses in the Aesthetics, Dermal Therapies and Cosmetic Tattooing profession by providing them with accurate, up-to-date information and support. We are passionately commitment to helping you consistently achieve business growth, regulatory compliance, professional development and best practice in an ever-evolving industry.

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What we provide


Membership categories for non-medical & medical practitioners and corporate businesses.


Business financial services and loans at competitive member rates.


Professional Development short courses and Qualifications (CPD points).

Staff Recruitment

Advertising for staff options as well as equipment or businesses for sale.


Over 50 regulatory & best practice documents and Industry Position Statements.


Qualification Reviews and Certification categories (ARAP and CTARP).
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Supplier Directory

Become one of our suppliers

Being included in our supplier directory will allow you to be accessed by quality business owners who will be directed to you through our ongoing correspondence and interactions with them.
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