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Tina Viney

Tina Viney is a visionary, leading authority and figurehead in the Australian Beauty and Aesthetics industry. She has held leadership positions and served on Association boards for over 27 years. Her most noted contribution is in governance and the development of standards and regulations. Her involvement with the aesthetics industry spans over 50 years.

Tina’s unique insight and valuable expertise have resulted in the continued and notable advancement of the industry in qualifications both (VET and Tertiary Degree programs), as well as in the development of licensing programs and regulations that best serve the industry.

For her contribution and services to the aesthetics industry, Tina has been awarded five national awards. In 2014 she was the overall Australian winner of the International Professional Standards Network (IPSN) award, which was conferred to her in Hong Kong for her “outstanding and significant contribution to the betterment of the Aesthetics industry”. 

Over the years and to this currently, Tina serves as an active committee member on over 17 government and standards bodies, reviewing wage awards, health regulations, State licensing programs in IPL and Laser, ingredient safety reviews and updating of qualifications.  She is also regularly accessed by Experts Direct to provide expert reports for legal cases and insurance matters.

Tina has experience in three key industry areas:

  • Education: As a senior lecturer at accredited colleges for 17 years.
  • Clinic owner: She has owned her own successful clinic for 5 years.
  • Regulation and Standards development: She served in governance for over 30 years.

Despite her heavy workload Tina insists on making herself available to members on a one-on-one basis. She regularly discusses matters with members such as staffing and HR problems, client disputes, theft in the workplace, advice on business growth, recommendations in accessing reputable suppliers and distributors, expanding the scope of practice and skills development and regulatory compliance.

Tina Viney is considered one-of-a-kind in the aesthetics industry.


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