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Aesthetic Alliance – Your Support is Needed

June 19, 2024

At the recent Thriving Aesthetic Summit, a panel discussion, participated by Dr David Kosenko, President of CPCA (video), Dr Built, Medical Director of InstantCosmetics, Prof. Terry Everitt and Robert McGowan members of the APAN Scientific and Academic Advisory Council and CEO Tina Viney presented a discussion on the recent TGA and AHPRA regulations.

Dr Kosenko provided a brief history of what contributed to the new restrictions.

He addressed both the positives, as well as the industry’s perception that the outcome of the new rules was considered as a regulatory overreach.

What was reported?

  • Dr Kosenko also confirmed that most industry bodies and groups submitted comprehensive reports outlining how the draft proposal could potentially create consumer confusion, as well as restrict practitioners from providing accurate communication of the services to the public.
  • Each group submitted detailed reports with potential amendments to the draft that would be considered more reasonable for the benefit of both consumers and practitioners.
  • However, all our efforts failed to achieve any amendments.

What now?

  • Both Dr Kosenko and members of the panel agreed that with so many industry groups, regulators would consider it too challenging and time-consuming to engage with each individual group, let alone hope to achieve a consensus on recommended guidelines.
  • As such, the final guidelines and regulatory drafts that were presented to the industry were in essence, for the purpose of informing us, rather than allowing us to have input in their design.

New alliance and body you need to know!

  • As such, the panel put forward to the industry is supporting the introduction of an ‘Aesthetic Alliance’ as the collective and collaborative industry voice that would simplify the negotiating process.

What does the alliance do for us?

  • This alliance allows regulatory bodies to deal with one body rather than with numerous organisations.
  • By simplifying this process, the aesthetic alliance could request that industry consultation happen at a formative phase of the regulatory process rather than at the final stage.

Each group will still be free to liaise directly with the regulators.

What is the aim?

  • The aim of this body would be to allow the various groups to determine the key needs of their individual constituents
  • Clinics and salons will present to the alliance and seek to reach a workable consensus that will best meet the collective needs of the groups.
  • This information will then be presented as part of a cooperative submission to the regulatory bodies for consideration.
  • This group would need to represent a substantial number of industry stakeholders in the vicinity of 8,000 – 10,000 practitioners for it to have impact and credibility.

Furthermore, this alliance would confirm to the regulators that our objective is three-fold

What is our objective for the industry?

Consumer Safety:

  • We wish to work with the government for the purpose of improving consumer safety in a collaborative manner.

Support and streamline an efficient Compliance Process:

  • The role of the alliance will also include contributing to defining the regulatory compliance pathway with clear industry guidelines for implementation. 
  • Currently we are only given what we cannot say, rather than a clear direction of how our compliance process can be achieved.

Our duty-of-care:

  • As the compliance process is a time-consuming and expensive exercise, as an industry body we have a duty of care to our constituents to pursue a draft with workable and clear guidelines
  • This will allow the implementation phase of regulatory compliance to be achieved, without the need for legal costs, personal research on terminology, and the risk of fines through inappropriate compliance.

Please note that the success of such an initiative will be determined by the industry’s consent and support of such an alliance. So we need your support! Join our Aesthetic Alliance group on Facebook we will be collecting polls, data and adding valuable information here! Plus follow us on our socials at on Instagram and Facebook. Connect with us and read our articles on our LinkedIn page

We urge you to give this matter your serious consideration.

Over the next few months, we will be reaching out to you for your feedback.

Please support this initiative as it has the potential to create more workable solutions and contribute to the design of future regulations. This will provide a less stressful, cost-effective pathway toward regulatory compliance.

If you wish to be involved, please contact us updated information will be provided soon!

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