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Staying Strategically Agile in This New Environment

May 21, 2020

I AM THRILLED TO REPORT that the feedback from businesses in Queensland, which has opened last week has been very positive, with some confirming excellent figures surpassing even their Christmas trading. 

Others have reported feeling a little clumsy trying to implement all of the COVID SAFE protocols and getting a little overwhelmed initially, but most were glad to be back at work and having the opportunity to take care of their clients who were glad to be back.

However, as we all know, in this season we will experience constant changes and when this rush settles – and it will – there will immerge a different “normal”, so we all need to be agile to pick up the subtle and not-so-subtle changes we will encounter.  

Financial experts are recommending that businesses now will need to take care and effectively manage three key dimensions in this new environment.

Dimension 1:  Focus on your immediate, short-term survival.  As you will immerging form a lean cash flow season, look at ways to manage and address cash flow first and stay in business.  This is a good time to look at offering extra-value packages or programs, making sure they include wellness strategies as much as possible.  While “health and safety” will be high on your clients’ priorities, many have been experiencing a great deal of stress, so include or introduce services that also address stress management and introduce wellness strategies.  Consider partnering with other services to include within your packages, such as a nutritional evaluation. Why not include shampoo and blow-dry with your local hairdresser?  Discuss this with your neighbouring hairdresser and include something additional, such as a hydrating scalp treatment as an additional value-added item.  This is the season to be innovative and think outside the box. Be relevant to your clients’ immediate needs directly after the lockdown.

Dimension 2:  Medium-term strategy.  In returning to the business you need to consider your re-launch strategy. Where are you with your suppliers? Are they able to provide you with what you need as they will have several accounts to service? Are there any special deals they can assist you with to help you relaunch back into business with greater impact? Are there any changes in their payment structure? After you meet your clients’ immediate needs, how will you transition them to continue to engage with your services in possibly new and better ways than before?

Dimension 3: How is the industry going to be restructured? Are there going to be opportunities for completely new business models to come into play that has been accelerated in the development of the disruption and the economic crisis? What new modalities can you add to your services to expand your reach of new clients, as well as provide something fresh and new for your existing clients?

Your strategic agility will depend on your thoughtfulness and how you review your immediate, medium and long-term survival.  To clarify this statement better – strategic agility, in essence, is your ability to manage proactive change by ensuring a flexible response to market changes and competition.   But it is also your ability to implement new plans to stay competitive and ensure your business is sustainable into the future.


Choosing new options, or even finetuning and upgrading your current offerings will require you access credible education and industry intelligence. So, is there a way to access all this in one location? Yes, you will find a wealth of information available to you through the upcoming APAN ONLINE AESTHETICS CONFERENCE.  We have secured over 40 thought-leaders and experts who will immerse you into incredible information covering a broad spectrum of specialised areas from treatments, techniques, technologies, new modalities, improving your mindset and how to succeed in business in the era of global financial disruption.   

Do yourself a favour and check out the program.  We have separated the topics from the speakers to give you maximum information on what to expect.  You can view the program here.

One amazing and very important update that you will not want to miss is Professor Laurence Walsh’s lecture on INFECTION CONTROL AND PREVENTION FOR SKIN PROCEDURES IN THE AREA OF VIRAL PANDEMICS.  Professor Laurence is an amazing communicator and a leading academic who has been awarded the Order of Australia for his contribution to research and science.  He is the quintessential expert on this topic and we are thrilled to have address this all-important topic.  

Here is a brief exchange at one of our previous events when Gay Wardle interviewed Professor Walsh specifically on safety issues pertaining to phototherapies.


Please seriously consider registering for this event.  We guarantee you it will be the best investment in your future.

On another note, If you have not yet received your COVID SAFE POLICY KIT you can still access it as well as other valuable resource documents from  There are also several other compliance documents that will allow you to bring your back end to a high standard of best practice and move forward with greater confidence.  If you have contacted us and have not received your kit please take a couple of minutes to phone us 07 5593 0360 as this is the quickest way for us to check if your information is correct and your kit has not been lost in cyberspace.  Please also check your junk mail.

Recently we introduced a new Facebook Group called AESTHETICS AND WELLNESS ALLIANCE. If you have not connected with this group you can join us for some in-depth discussions as we have some amazing business owners and practitioners who are sharing their knowledge and experience.  In this digital age, we want to create an environment for professionals to address specific topics and concerns regarding the advances of our industry moving forward. Here is the link, please join us and share  

Thank you for staying connected with us, and remember to contact us with any concerns or help you need.  Our team has worked diligently, through long and arduous hours to provide you with the very best support the industry has to offer.

Our aim is to do the hard work for you and help you minimize your stress.

Standing with you,

To access your COVID SAFE POLICY as well as our resource documents check this link:

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