IF YOU HAVEN’T CHECKED OUR CONFERENCE program please do so.  We are really stepping up both content and value, providing you with an incredible array of amazing experts who will be addressing a wide range of topics including:

  • Safety with COVID from a scientific perspective
  • Ingredient science – getting it right
  • Latest advances in technology – new device, new capabilities
  • New modalities to expand your treatment options
  • Cosmetic tattoo advances
  • A new way of doing business
  • Personal development – help you achieve more
  • Cosmetic injectables – risks and protocol considerations
  • And much more….
  • Our objective is to immerse you into vibrant education and inspiration. 
  • Our speakers are authorities in their area of expertise – same based in Europe, USA even South Africa
  • This is a world-class event that will be streamed internationally.


The event will be featured a full week – Monday 22nd June to Monday 29th June, so you will be able to go back and check out on anything you mist, as the sessions will be available on our website for additional days as indicated above.

We want you to be the BEST, so we are giving you the best experts to share their knowledge and wisdom with you.

This is a three-day event but you only pay for one day.  It is our way of helping you at this time.

Visit www.apanconf.com check out the speakers and also the topics.  You will get an injection of CONFIDENCE and EXCITEMENT after this event – we promise you!