Image for APAN Aesthetics conference has more surprises in store.

APAN Aesthetics conference has more surprises in store.

July 24, 2023

On behalf of myself and our APAN team, we wanted to thank you for your support in attending the APAN Aesthetics Conference this year. 

We have been overwhelmed by the incredibly positive comments we have received. 

All credit also to you for contributing to making this event a vibrant and joyous industry celebration of learning, networking and fun.

Key Highlights

On a bright and sunny Gold Coast morning, Friday, July 14, saw the launch of this year’s APAN Aesthetics Conference, staged at the magnificent Royal Pines Resort.

The two-day event featured an extensive educational program consisting of over 18 comprehensive lectures, supported by the addition of 12 workshops.

Each guest was welcomed with a delegate’s bag full of a generous supply of leading professional skincare and nutritional products valued at over $400 each, courtesy of our amazing sponsors.

  • Courtesy of Zinzino marine oils, delegates were offered free, dry blood testing (valued at over $200)
  • These evidence-based tests are the new, personalised approach to assessing the individual’s omega-3 to omega-6 ratio for optimal health.

Our competent A/V expert and APAN website developer, Angus, and his team were able to record the workshops for you to watch online. 

Originally, these were only available for those who attended the live conference event. Due to popular demand, they have now been recorded and will soon be available to be viewed through our online registration. 

A big Thank You goes out to Lauren and Jessy, who undertook the task of setting up and recording the workshops while recording the main conference event. 


Following the great success of APAN’s new conference format this year, a new development is now allowing industry professionals to access both the lectures, as well as the workshops through the online program, which will be available until the end of September.

You can view the Conference now, with the Workshops available very soon! 

Workshops provided the opportunity for delegates to gain in-depth knowledge on

  • Various equipment
  • Cutting-edge, new-generation skincare formulations
  • Manual protocols, when skillfully delivered, can achieve a new standard of treatment outcomes.
  • Dr Murad’s renowned research study showed us results on the impact of stress on skin aging and overall health, which were expertly presented by Director and Dermal Esthetician Katy Bacon.
  • Dermatologist Dr Tiina Meder and the formulator of Meder Beauty Science visited from the UK to present a compelling lecture on microbiome-oriented skincare as the new paradigm in skin therapy.
  • Steve McGee, CEO of NeoGenesis, was also a guest from Colorado, USA, who participated in the workshop demonstrating the amazing skin repair and renewal benefits of the NeoGenesis novel patented stem cell S2RM ® technology,
  • Gay Wardle, a skin expert, presented a lecture on the scientific evidence for this amazing molecule.
  • Terry Everitt presented a thought-provoking lecture on Biopsychosocial client-centric communication.
  • Dr Giulia D’Anna presented a compelling lecture on Changes to Facial Fat Distribution and the Impact on Injectables.
  • Katherine McCann took symmetry into consideration when using cosmetic tattooing as the corrective tool of choice for Ptosis and Facial Ageing Conditions.
  • In her signature passionate manner, Sarah Hughes educated us on the new formulations and diverse uses of hydroxy acids for safe and amazing clinical outcomes.
  • Jacine Greenwood expounded on the clinical approach to restoring the skin’s barrier function
  • Jeffery Food updated us on the latest symbiotic strands for stable delivery of microbiome gut health.
  • The very latest in equipment technology was presented by Matt Moncrieff, who addressed the evolving trends in more efficient and safer devices for face and body transformations, as well as women’s health.
  • The practical application of the theory was expertly presented by qualified trainers and educators within focused workshops.

Business and retail were well presented by Neil Osborne, and Iola Ciavarra, who both challenged their audience with effective ways of thinking outside the box and how to increase revenue and your business’s sales. 

There was also strong government representation from three experts who presented updates on regulations as well as cyber security.

These and numerous other topics were featured at this year’s event, including two thought-provoking expert panel discussions.

You can watch these at your own pace until the end of September through the conference website

It was a pleasure supporting you and we trust that this event has provided you with valuable information to face the future of our industry with greater confidence. 

Gain the benefit of a comprehensive lecture and educational online program

You have two months to immerse yourself at your own pace in the industry’s richest educational program.

Delegates are able to benefit from an in-depth, leading educational program that has been supported by these workshops to further extend their knowledge. This includes the effective and practical application of protocols in the application of the very latest devices and skincare technologies.

How to Watch

With your access code (located in your email), you can now not only review all the lectures presented on the day but also an additional 15 lectures – 34 in total.

Please reach out if you haven’t received this to and we will send you your code. 

Register today for the online program and also view the workshops at no additional cost!

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