Image for Experts from across the globe will deliver a new conference program that will introduce emerging business concepts.

Experts from across the globe will deliver a new conference program that will introduce emerging business concepts.

June 19, 2023

Without a doubt, this year’s APAN conference will deliver an incredible range of topics in a unique format that will be more interactive, and dynamic, yet personable, with a higher level of education and an extensive and diverse range of modalities delivered by national and international experts.

New Conference Business Model

True to its theme of convergence

This year’s event will present a diverse range of modalities providing delegates with important industry updates.

Our new model for the conference is based on the Convergence approach which blends aesthetics in collaboration with wellness and naturopathy as well as cosmetic medicine, all under one roof.

This year’s event will be stepped-up to include over 10 Workshops that will deliver

  • Education
  • Equipment and treatment demonstrations at the highest level.

Bring your most challenging questions and speak one-on-one with some of the highest qualified educators and trainers and gain the answers you are looking for.

The in-person event will also feature over 18 face-to-face lectures and panel discussions with a complete program supported by over 35 online lectures covering an incredible array of topics.

This year’s program will expand to include

  • New scientific updates
  • Dermatology
  • Advances in skin treatment modalities
  • New technology for body shaping
  • Regulatory update
  • Cyber Security
  • Post-Pandemic skin manifestations and solutions
  • Problem-solving protocols and techniques
  • Fillers, Botox and injectable techniques
  • Expert Panel Discussions
  • Honest industry conversation for survival and growth + more!!!!

What will you receive by attending in person?

There is just a certain energy that carries when you come to a conference in person. Not only do you get to network with the best in the industry and create new business connections but you also leave feeling challenged by key speakers.

There’s nothing quite like an in-person gathering of the brightest minds in an industry. An event like that creates an unparalleled sense of enthusiasm and passion

APAN’S in-person events are not just an iconic pastime but they hold merit and stand out among the many conferences this year by introducing unique in-person experiences.

Reasons to attend in person

  • Network with the best at breakfast
  • Ask key questions to our panels
  • Elevate your knowledge by attending one of our live demonstrations (in-person only)
  • Gain conference goodies from exhibitors
  • Win one of our key prizes worth over $400
  • Create long-lasting professional relationships in our industry
  • Ask exhibitors key questions about their merchandise
  • Check-in via our new QR code
  • Gain easy access to some of the industry’s best key speakers and ask them key questions

Learn from the Best of the Best

With national and international experts in attendance, you won’t want to miss out.

We are covering not just the ‘why’, but also the ‘how-to’ through our thought-provoking workshops where you can get up close and personal with industry leaders and gain knowledge on how to resolve some of your most challenging treatment concerns.

You will learn new techniques using some of the leading technologies, but also manual procedures and protocols for enhanced results to your treatments.

There are so many new things that we are going to be covering. We guarantee you a fun, educational, networking atmosphere that celebrates the spirit of our industry and will leave you wanting more!

Take your business to the next level

You’ll rediscover your passion for your work, and we guarantee that you’ll change as a result. You’ll go back to work with more vigour, fresh ideas, and the assurance you need to take your clinic to the next level.

We can’t wait to meet you in person.

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