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How adversity makes you stronger

July 31, 2023

The journey to business survival is never-ending. 

In our current unstable world, there will always be adversities that we will need to overcome, but it is worth it because learning to overcome adversities rather than running away from them will develop strength in us. It will reward us with personal and professional growth. 

You have to take it all in and stay focussed on remaining resilient, viewing one thing at a time, continue to live in the moment while resolving one issue at a time.

There are a lot of qualities necessary in starting and running your own business

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Ambition
  • All are required in some measure if you hope to overcome the barriers to entry into entrepreneurship.

While it may be true that anyone can start their own business, there is a test of those innate characteristics that ultimately determine those who pursue that path from those who don’t.

Certainly, starting a business in Australia is not an easy task. 

We have expansive spaces, so finding a location that can accommodate your dream of launching your own dream is not at all difficult. However, as any business owner will attest, there are barriers to entrepreneurship that have little to do with ability.

What perhaps is underappreciated, or less considered, is the role that our determination to persevere when confronted with the complex challenges that any business will face will ultimately play the key role in that business’s survival and progress.

  •  It is our brain that elevates us to a place where we’re able to pursue our dreams with a business enterprise of our own, but it’s often hard heads and stiff backs that enable it to continue.
  • Perseverance and persistence are equally crucial in the work required to turn a business into a viable enterprise, given the challenges and roadblocks thrown at us along the way. 

And yet perseverance is a quality that gets less recognition than it deserves in our documentation of success stories.

We’d much sooner praise genius and creativity, both ethereal and aspirational as the primary qualities that attribute to business success.

We like to think that effortless genius is primarily all that is needed to arrive at that point. It is this amazing “romantic notion” that often drives people to establish their own businesses. 

I will be my own boss, I will make more money than working for someone else, I will design a brand that reflects who I am, and gain greater control of my life and future direction.

Oh, if only it was that easy.

Determination and a refusal to quit are well-suited to the scrappy underdog stories we put up on the screen, but we prefer to focus only on the inspirational illusion of innovation as the driving force that makes it all happen.

The truth is that none of us get to where we are in life without some level of grit and perseverance.

  • While we establish a vision and a plan of how we are going to grow, it is equally important to invest in activities
  • Embrace habits that also strengthen our inner fortitude of how we will handle those unexpected mishaps that may thwart our plans
  • These are such as pandemics, sickness in the family, or family breakups
  • Securing the right staff, not to mention the growing competition as our industry continues to experience an incredible boom in new business ventures.

By virtue of their circumstances, some people are unfairly required to exert more perseverance than others, and there are some people who, with few exceptions, immediately benefit from having a stronger support network or more resources.

All will face challenges great and small throughout our life, ones that we simply have to push our way through.

On those occasions, our intellect and ambition may help us navigate the challenges, but it’s our ability to withstand those trials that will ultimately get us through to the other side. 

At such times, it is helpful to remember the value of our enduring faith, that through it all we are becoming stronger, more resilient, and ultimately capable of pushing through to achieve personal growth and business success.

Occasionally, those bad breaks will be of our own doing; mistakes are as much a part of our business as they are of life, and sometimes those mistakes have consequences in the immediate and down the road.

We could again just give up and throw in the towel, but instead we persevere, learn the lesson and make wiser decisions. 

Wisdom often comes from a foundation of acknowledging errors and overcoming them. But more importantly, is gaining the knowledge of how to overcome them in the future.

World-renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson puts it this way

Numerous studies presented in the psychological literature consistently confirm that seeking to live a life that is only based on security and safety is at our own peril because it violates the principles of developing our own strength, and if we violate that principle, we will become weak, and with weakness, you have no security.

Perseverance might not be the coolest, or most exciting trait, but if you review interviews with some of the world’s most successful achievers, they all acknowledge that at the end of the day, they owe their success to a greater extent to their determination to overcome their obstacles.

Never quit before you are able to experience breakthroughs these take us to the next level.

In summary, it truly pays to invest in personal development and cultivate survival qualities of perseverance and persistence, as mastering these qualities will ultimately allow you to achieve your goals.

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