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In Support of Victorian Salons

July 6, 2020

While salons and clinics in Victoria have only just returned a few weeks to work the recent reimposed stage-3 lockdown to 10 postcodes across Melbourne has angered many business owners who have gone to extensive lengths to implement the most stringent infection prevention measures.

The lockdown was imposed following the announcement of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews as well the Greg Hunt, Federal Health Minister that 64 new cases of COVID-19 had been recorded in just 14 consecutive days across the state.

We have received numerous complaints from distraught business owners who believe that this lockdown will have detrimental financial consequences to their business.  They all hold a strong position that they have taken comprehensive measure to implement the highest standards in infection control policies, client and patient screening and rigorous staff compliance procedures to ensure a safe work environment for both their clients and their staff. 

From our own experience, from the very beginning pre-lockdown when we introduced the COVID-19 CLINICAL SAFETY POLICY and beyond we have been impressed with the level of commitment across all states, as business owners showed a strong desire to be fully compliant with the necessary measure in order to ensure they could offer total safety to their clients and staff.

Today, we approached the Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and put forward the strict measure by which our industry is complying with, appealing to him to reconsider these restrictions for our industry.

We will keep you informed of his response.

Meanwhile, we want to encourage you all to maintain your high standards of infection control as ALL CLIENTS are now mindful of their safety.  You, therefore, need to constantly reassure them that they are safe in your hands. 

If you have staff, please ensure you regularly review that the appropriate infection control protocols are maintained at the appropriate level.

Let’s all work together as we navigate through these challenging times.

Standing with you,

The APAN team

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