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The rise in consumer recognition of Professional Membership

January 30, 2024

While there are numerous pathways for gaining information, with the constant rise in inflammation and an increase in skin reactions that we are experiencing over the past few years consumers are turning once again to Associations to question the credibility of their practitioners.

Over the past 12 months, increasingly we have seen the issue of “Safety” becoming the number one consumer concern, particularly with skin therapies utilising lasers, IPL, or HIFU devices as well as dermal needling services.

Is your APAN Membership up to date? 

Are you displaying your Membership Certificate and are you including your APAN Logo on your website, newsletters and marketing material?

There has never been a more urgent time to ensure you have your association’s support and guidance through timely evidence-based information on changes in skin reactions and effective ways of avoiding risks with your treatments.

APAN is at the forefront of scientific literature, bringing you up-to-date study results and new research findings so that you can be well-informed, and confidently ensure your clients that you can be trusted to deliver both safe and exceptional results.

Use your membership as your badge of credibility. If you have any technical questions please reach out to us for help.

Join or renew your membership and receive a copy of Jacine Greenwood’s amazing book “Just Go For it! How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Business with NO Paid Advertising” as a FREE GIFT from us while stocks last.

APAN Membership stands for professionalism and credibility.

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