Image for Experience the Excitement at the Thriving Aesthetics Summit Workshops!

Experience the Excitement at the Thriving Aesthetics Summit Workshops!

April 9, 2024

Have you ever been to an event that offered you the very best and so much to choose from?

This week we have uploaded on our conference site over 15 workshops with incredible content delivered by true experts. If you have never experienced the global perspective of what aesthetics can offer here is your opportunity – this event will be a real treat.

Earlier this week we put the finishing touches to our Cosmetic Injectable workshops for our doctors and nurses. These workshops will deliver some of the very latest techniques and trends in injectables.

Hands-on learning

  • Four leading companies will present exciting new techniques using their own innovative products demonstrated through their expert trainers and educators!
  • Step up what you are currently doing to the next level while being introduced to some of the latest injectable formulations.

If you’re an injector or cosmetic nurse, these sessions are a must-attend

  • Each workshop will go for two hours and will provide you with a solid educational program on what is new in the world of aesthetic medicine.

What will I learn?

  • As you learn you will witness some of the world’s leading trends in appearance-enhancement
  • Explore full facial rejuvenation and learn how to improve facial geometry and balance for your clients with the latest in amazing lips – both natural finish and enhanced. 
  • Learn important tips for avoiding filler migration, male and female facial contouring techniques and much more. 

Explore the Injectable Workshops

What can I learn as a skin therapist, business owners and or practice manager?

For you, we also have an amazing array of topics you have over 12 to choose from, from HIFU, Skin needling combined with RF, effective ways of combining technologies to achieve next-level results.

What will I learn?  

Get hands-on experience in our non-medical workshops.

  • Discover the latest techniques in prepping, treatment and post-treatment care for pigmentation. 
  • Update your consultation process.
  • If you are interested in plasma, you will have the opportunity to witness the latest in Purisma Dotless Plasma. 
  • See this incredible device and technique in action for amazing skin tightening and rejuvenation. 

What other workshops are on offer?

  • Risk Management and insurance for your business
  • Unlock the full potential of your client database through technology innovation. 
  • Improve your knowledge and skin treatment results through the new self-paced professional development model.
  • Acne solutions that deliver incredible results. 
  • Purifas will introduce the very latest in clinical hygiene that will enhance your client and patient experience and much, much more!

View the workshops

You can expect hands-on learning and practical education which will take your clinic mastery game to new heights!

Now is the time to learn to thrive in 2024! Save your spot before it goes.

Special offer

Get a free exclusive invite to our Hollywood-themed cocktail party on Sunday night, and enjoy a complimentary cocktail on us after the main conference event with every in-person ticket purchase!

Dive into the excitement of our summit!

Discover captivating lectures on day 1 and exhilarating workshops on day 2—perfect for aestheticians, cosmetic injectors, and skin care enthusiasts alike.

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