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Join APAN, acknowledged by regulatory and government bodies as the premier authority, representing the Aesthetics Industry

October 23, 2023

Access your incredible GIFT when you join or renew your membership.

Founded more than 15 years ago, APAN is a dedicated industry standards body/association, deeply committed to fostering the growth, integrity, and safeguarding the interests of its members in a highly competitive professional world.

APAN is recognised by regulatory and government bodies as the most reputable and experienced industry peak body representing the Aesthetics Industry.

What will membership with us offer you?

As a business owner or practitioner, professional membership in APAN will benefit you in the following ways

Mark of Credibility and Integrity 

  • Your professional membership and our logo will allow you to promote to your clients that you are a committed professional who abides by the rules and guidelines of your industry’s peak body.


  •  Regardless of your concerns, whether business, staffing issues, technical or education, scientific, supplier review or legal matters. You have to call our office from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday to Friday for professional guidance and support. You can also reach out on social media anytime you need!

Protection and legal support in times of need

  • In this era of litigation, it pays to know that you have a professional body that can help prevent incidents and guide you if an incident occurs.

Receive a physical copy of the APJ Aesthetics Journal delivered to your doorstep every quarter

  •  Our publication is both online as well as published quarterly and posted to you to ensure you can access important education and industry news at your fingertips.

Exclusive Business Mentoring

  • Gold and Corporate members can also access up to two full-hour professional mentoring sessions with our CEO Tina Viney to help them review their options in planning for their business decisions.
  • This gives you access to company business reviews for your reputation on quality products,  training and service support.
  • We have saved many businesses from substantial financial losses through our research services and advice. 
  • Regrettably, numerous individuals have sought professional and legal assistance from us following an incident

Staff Recruitment and Contracts

  • Through our legally drafted documents, we have supported thousands of business owners to ensure they have the correct Workplace Agreements and HR Policies and Procedures in place to safeguard them from potential staffing miscommunications and conflicts.

Resource Documents and Contracts

  • There are numerous regulatory requirements that are essential when running a business. 
  • Our lawyers have drafted several legal documents that meet with FairWork obligations. 
  • We also offer over 48 documents including Consultation and Consent Forms, as well as several standards documents to ensure businesses meet with the highest standard of best practice.
  • We have over 48 resource documents to give you peace of mind in running your business in line with government, your local Council and Fair Work guidelines.
  • You can also reach out for a custom document if you wish using our Contact Us page

Position Statements

  • In instances where formal regulations are absent, APAN introduces Position Statements to safeguard the industry


  • Stay informed about crucial industry updates, educational resources, and legal changes with our periodic newsletter sent directly to your inbox. Feel free to get in touch if you’re not currently receiving our newsletter and would like to be added to our mailing list!

Membership Fees

  • Members receive a Membership Kit, that includes their Certificate, Code of Ethics, Electronic Logo, various documents, vouchers and their quarterly journal as well as free access to our office for support and advice.
  •  We provide different membership tiers at rates that have remained unchanged for more than a decade

We are wholeheartedly dedicated to delivering our members personalized and concrete professional support. We are fervently committed to actively engaging in meetings, collaborating with the Government, and contributing to global research to ensure that you receive precise and timely guidance and assistance.

As our services are comprehensive, there is a substantial cost to delivering the high level of tangible and intangible support that we offer our members. It would be impossible to provide the level of service that we offer at a very low minimum rate.

Our Special gift to you valued over $499

APAN is renowned for its generosity. 

As a token of our appreciation, we’re delighted to include a complimentary 65-page COVID-Skin MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS document, valued at over $400 if purchased, with every membership renewal or new sign-up. If you’ve already obtained the COVID document, you can request our Mental Hygiene and Business Development guide instead free of charge!

Both these documents have cost in excess of $26,000 each to develop. They have been authored by professors and academics and contain valuable in-depth educational information to help support our business. 

Here is a recent testimonial from members

Thank you for all your hard work in putting together the amazing COVID Skin Manifestation and Solutions Manual. The content is pure gold for all practitioners who work with the skin.  It is easy to follow, factual, comprehensive, and above all – evidence-based and backed by scientific studies.  There is nothing like it anywhere.  It has given me a new level of confidence in identifying potential skin reactions before they occur.  The Solutions Chapter has provided me with some valuable tools through simple strategies so that I can help support my clients’ wellbeing, lower inflammation levels in the skin, as well as help support a more robust immune response.  Thank you, APAN, for all that you do for us, it is greatly appreciated.”  Noleen Parker, NSW

Free social media posts for all members to promote your business online – we tag you!

Updates of APAN

While we represent a cross-section of skin therapists, laser practitioners, dermal clinicians as well as cosmetic nurses, doctors and dentists, our focus is on introducing and advocating best practice standards based on evidence-based education for all levels of membership.

  •  Our industry is now competing with nurses and doctors in the delivery of skin therapies, so it’s important that we reflect a high level of competence and knowledge that can measure up to the standard that consumers now demand and is not based on opinions, but on proven studies.
  • Our alliance with medical societies, as well as being an active member in curriculum development in both the VET sector as well as higher education, university-level qualifications allow us to access the very latest in education and professional development.

CPD Program

  • APAN is the only non-medical association to introduce a CPD program through our ARAP and CTARP programs.
  • We produce a hard copy of our APJ Journal, which is posted to our members and subscribers to ensure that they can access on demand, its quality educational content.
  • We surveyed our members as to whether we should only produce the online version of the journal, however, but the overwhelming response was that APJ Journal content is too advanced to be accessed online, as it is often used for both business owners’ education as well as for staff development.  

Quality education and regulatory compliance

  • Quality education is the cornerstone of how we support members by enhancing their knowledge with the very latest in research studies, the latest innovations in technologies and business practices as well as updates on regulatory compliance.
  • APAN’s Code of Ethics was globally researched to reflect the highest standard of ethical conduct and professional behaviour over five different categories.

National Advisory Council

Our National Advisory Council consists of two divisions

  • Academic & Scientific Division and Business Innovation Division. 
  • These consist of leading experts in their field so that they can guide us in our progress and program development.  

Are we internationally aligned?

  • APAN is also internationally aligned with several peak bodies around the world. 
  • This is important to us when putting forward recommendations to government regulators, as we want to ensure that our recommendations meet global standards whenever possible.

Educational online courses

  • Members can update their knowledge by completing study units on a variety of topics with allocated CPD Points which they can claim on

List of Preferred Suppliers

  • Are you seeking a reputable and reliable supplier? Check out our supplier directory

Annual Conference Program

Recently APAN updated to include workshops in our conferences for a greater depth of knowledge. Did you know the APAN Conference has been running for over 15 years?  We are a reliable event that many practitioners look forward to every year.

About our Conference

  • With a strong focus on Education, Regulations and Advances in the industry, the APAN conference events provide you with unsurpassed value for money
  • Our events are fully catered for providing an excellent professional environment for businesses and practitioners to network. 
  • Supported by exhibitions, these events provide great opportunities for business development and educational advancement. 
  • Delegates receive a goodie bag with the program, special offers and gifts. 
  • We are also the only Aesthetics Conference program that is supported by a comprehensive online conference program allowing delegates to watch on their own time.
  • Attendees receive discounts on conferences and a certificate of Attendance with roughly 30 CPD points (depending on the year) this is also available to delegates who attend the full event.

The Salon Hub directory promotes your services to the public for free

APAN is the only aesthetics industry body that offers you a Salon directory to promote your service to the public free of charge. It’s a great benefit and you can also add photos, your website and your salon details.

Add your salon or clinic here

When joining an Association consider the following:

  • What do you actually get for your money?
  • Can you receive easy access to expert advice through a designated Helpline?
  • Do you receive a comprehensive members kit with appropriate documentation?
  • Do you receive a publication that contains quality education, news and regulatory updates?
  • Do you get discounts for attending events?
  • Have access to discounted resource documents?
  • Does it include a free business directory?
  • Do they value me and my business and promote my business online as a member?

Join today! Become a part of our rich and vibrant aesthetics community

Get your free gift valued over $499

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