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Mental Hygiene & Business Development

Uncertainty breeds anxiety and during these turbulent times, businesses must remain agile and flexible to change.  If you are a business owner in this industry, you are often required to carry a diverse range of responsibilities to maintain business viability.  In our industry, the compounded stress is often leading to mental health issues contributing to a reduction in productivity and inability to visualise strategies for sustainability and implement a plan for future growth.

Our research has confirmed that almost 42% of businesses we surveyed stated that because of the challenges in coping with their stress, business owners preferred to decrease staff numbers and downsize their business.

On the other hand, while others were managing well, they were concerned with the inconsistent standards of staff performance as mental and emotional pressures were impacting their capacity to meet their daily targets and responsibilities to the level of excellence that is expected of them.

After extensive research and collaboration with experts, APAN is delighted to launch the MENTAL HYGIENE AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM.

How Will This Program Benefit You?

  • This program is different to other mental health programs as it is designed SPECIFICALLY for our industry’s business environment, allowing you to introduce simple strategies to best support your business needs.
  • Each chapter will provide you with robust foundational knowledge on specific principles that aim to strengthen your resilience, wellbeing and ultimately enhance business performance.
  • Corresponding to each chapter you will also find an ACTIVITY EXERCISE that will allow you to personalise what you want to bring across from the chapter as part of your implementation strategy. This is your business and you are the best person to determine what will work for you – we are all different.
  • The program will suit a sole practitioner, as well as a large business with several staff members as the principles, can be scaled to your needs.

This program is self-paced and will provide you with credible scientifically based principles that we know will provide you will greatly value and support to improve the way you prevent and manage stress, make decisions, relate to others and most importantly, introduce a joyful and productive work environment.

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