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November 16, 2022

Document and Kit

Just released, COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS is a comprehensive 68- page document supported by a video by Professor Laurence Walsh that is part of APAN’s Best Practice Policy.

This program aims to ensure that you are up to date in protecting and providing effective solutions for you and your clients, as the next phase of the COVID-related manifestations comes into effect.

Your clients want the reassurance of your expertise. New studies released in very recent times this year confirm that COVID has introduced changes that are impacting not just skin manifestations, but also other areas of well-being that you need to be made aware of.

This is new information and as a professional, you need to base your approach not just on anecdotal evidence, but on reliable studies.

The document has taken three months to complete and will provide you with credible and valuable knowledge, allowing you to support your clients with accurate information through an evidence-based approach.

Consumers are seeking two things

  • Expertise
  • Safety

More than ever before consumers want real answers. They often don’t articulate this because they don’t know whom to ask. 

They value evidence-based education and to gain clarity on the many opinions circulating through social media on how COVID continues to impact them on many levels.

This document is one-of-a-kind that will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to gain the trust of your clients on these issues. 

Gaining the advice and recommendations presented in this training manual and video will allow you to be one step- ahead of less informed businesses, and to be respected as a true professional in your field.

If you are currently a financial member of APAN you can log in and receive this document for FREE.

For non-members, a fee of $400 will be charged. Find out more here or become a member here

For further details phone 07 5593 0360.

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