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Increase Client Engagement and Loyalty in Your Clinic With These Tips

September 24, 2021

In today’s world, the central focus of business success is to gain as much information as possible about your clients.  Every business should have a very clear idea of who their ideal client is to ensure their engagement and loyalty with them remains consistent and strong.  The best way to achieve this is through a detailed assessment of your client’s persona.

This profile of who your target client is and how they operate will help you tailor your marketing, your product choices, and the services you will provide them with, either existing or when you want to introduce something new. Having this valuable information will help you gain a clearer understanding of who they really are and what they value and want in life.

A client persona captures details of how your specific client thinks, what they like to do, what they value, and what is important to them.  These are not vague details but very specific information about how this person thinks operates, and makes decisions.

Your client Persona should look at:

  • How they spend their day, their daily activities and what they enjoy doing.
  • Brands they are attracted to.
  • Their priorities in life – work, family, lifestyle, health etc.
  • Sources of information they trust.
  • Keywords that indicate who they are – are they a professional, career person, homemaker, or retiree.
  • Goals they strive to meet in their life.
  • What is most important outcome they are seeking through your help and services – improve their skin, enhance their appearance, look more youthful, relax and better manage stress, or improve their overall wellbeing. 
  • Their values and what is important to them, compassion, love, care of the environment, diversity and inclusion etc.
  • How do they relax.
  • How do they stay fit and healthy?
  • Are they interested in weight-loss or body shaping?
  • Would they like to learn more on improving their diet and nutrition?

Creating a client Persona

There are several ways to create a client persona, but a great place to start is with your existing client base by outlining what your clients have in common.

Ask yourself: who is your favourite client, who do you already appeal to, what services do they use?

You can also dive deeper into your client knowledge by interviewing select clientele or actively seeking their feedback.

Once you have this information you should create a detailed reference document for you and your staff, and perhaps even allocate the persona a name and image.

Market Research

While creating a client persona is an integral element to knowing who your ideal clientele is and how to market to them, this isn’t the only element used to learn more about your market.

Further research involves discovering your market segment. A market segment differs from a client persona in that it covers more general demographics like age, income, ethnicity, and traits. These are the statistics used to market to your clients, while the persona is the characterisation of your ideal client.

Marketing plans

Once you know your client and the segment in which they operate you are best positioned to market directly to them. And this is where your marketing plan comes in.

A marketing plan should outline:

  • How and where to advertise
  • What mediums you should use
  • The essential elements of your branding
  • What vocabulary to use

Learning more about your clients enables you to discover where they seek information, what calls them to action, and the services that best suit their needs. It arms a business with insightful information about who they’re really targeting and enables you to hone your brand and message.

Additionally, it will allow you to identify lost opportunities to provide them with additional services, which you can make available to them either through a contractor or by just expanding your current scope of services with your existing staff.

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