APAN has had a longstanding relationship with Pointon Partners Lawyers in Melbourne and APAN is pleased to recommend them to its members. 

Pointon Partners is able to provide advice and assistance for those salons in Victoria who have been affected by the lockdown in Victoria and wish to negotiate rent relief from their landlords.  Or you may be a salon which is currently involved in negotiations with a difficult landlord.  Rent relief is able to be obtained for the period up until 31 December 2020.  However prompt action is required as relief will only apply from the date that a valid application is lodged with your landlord.  Pointon Partners provide an initial free fifteen minute phone consultation to APAN members to discuss your situation and a 15% discount to their usual fees is given for any work required beyond that. They are also able to negotiate with other parties, such as financiers or suppliers, on your behalf. Feel free to phone Michael Bishop of Pointon Partners on 03 9614 7707 or contact him by email at Michael.Bishop@pointonpartners.com.au