As part of our commitment to Victorian businesses, APAN is launching a 5-Point Plan a new initiative that we have trademarked as Victorian Salon Recovery Project.

The first step involved a POLL urging ALL VICTORIAN BUSINESSES to provide us with feedback on how the “mask” restrictive measures have affected their businesses.

The poll was released on Friday 6th November at 4.30 pm and completed Saturday 7th November at 11.30 pm. 

In 31 hours, 375 businesses responded.  142 businesses confirmed that their businesses were beyond recovery.  Should the poll be allowed to continue until Tuesday 10th November as intended, we believe that they would reveal a substantial-high number of businesses that have gone into bankruptcy.

This morning we spoke to Matthew Bach’s office and they requested we forward a letter to them with the results of these statistics. See the letter here

As a result of Premier Andrews’ Sunday announcement of the lifting of the “client mask” restrictions was effective midnight 22nd November, this now means that we now can move to the second stage of the SALON RECOVERY PROJECT.