ON FEBRUARY 26th following an industry consultation, to which APAN also submitted a lengthy consultation paper, ARPANSA released a document which APAN had made available on our website, providing advice for cosmetic treatments using lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL) devices, as well as high-powered light-emitted diodes (LEDs). 

This document has two sections – one which provides advice for practitioners operating these devices and a second section that is directed to the consumer to assist and guide them on the questions they need to ask and investigate prior to undertaking any of these treatments.

While this is not a regulatory instrument, it does provide advice on the standards that practitioners should perform to and what consumers can expect.

If you are performing IPL, Laser or LED treatments we strongly suggest that you download these two segments of this document and review their content together with your staff, as these are now considered the official “National Advice” on the use of these devices.