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An important industry announcement

May 5, 2024

Dear Colleagues and Friends

Over several decades the Australian Aesthetics Industry has experienced an incredible evolution from a personal service-based industry of skin and body therapies and beyond …

Daily we nurture individuals who entrust us with our care of their skin and bodies, spending a few moments, or even an hour or two with us. 

Our touch transcends beyond the skin to also touch their soul and spirit, to diminish the impact of stress, while elevating hope and joy, refreshing them not just physically, but also on emotional, and mental levels to face their world with renewed strength.

New possibilities vs new risks

In recent decades technological advances have placed new tools into our hands, enabling us to take results to exciting new heights. We now also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with doctors and nurses whose services aim to help reverse imperfections, lift, and revive youthfulness even further.

However, this interface with medical-grade procedures requires that we also recognise the potential risks that advanced procedures carry and the necessity of adhering to strict regulatory guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients or patients, as we navigate the guidelines to AHPRA and TGA regulations.

The Purpose of Standards

As an industry standards body/association one of APAN’s commitments and support strategies is to help you transition these rules into the salon and clinical environment through permissible language and greater clarity on the implementation of regulations.

This is also important for non-medical salons who are offering these services through a contractual arrangement with a nurse or doctor. We are well versed with both the regulatory guidelines as well as the importance of their implementation within your practice and business.   For ongoing protection of the reputation of both practitioners and business owners alike, we need ethical guidelines and standards on which to benchmark policies and procedures.  Without standards to reference what we do we place both ourselves as well as the reputation of our profession at risk. 

Standards are to protect us

There is no such thing as safety without clearly defined standards, that remain consistent and are not modified if they are to fulfil their objective of protecting us.

APAN mandate for your protection

There are times when APAN has been accused of being too rigid with our rules.  Our intent has never been to restrict someone’s progress or advancement, as we are passionately committed to supporting the growth and success of both individual professionals as well as companies within our industry.

Over the years we have achieved this with thousands of individuals and business owners. Part of true care compels us to also provide protection – this is where understanding the purpose of ethical standards and regulations plays a key role.

APAN fosters these ethical values, and we apply them to all our programs, including our conference events.  Members of our National Advisory Council also provide us with valuable advice through their extensive knowledge and expertise. True support requires a balance between nurture and challenge for improvement. Experts confirm that this is the most benevolent way for long-term success and continued growth.

It is your turn to be supported

As we approach our upcoming THRIVING AESTHETIC SUMMIT, we look forward to welcoming you and I urge you to consider the benefits to you and your priorities to attend this event.

Our team and I have prepared a truly remarkable program of both lectures as well as 22 workshops just for you.

As we approach the final days to register, please ask yourself:

  • Can I benefit from gaining a fresh industry perspective on new growth opportunities?
  • Expert strategies that will provide me with safe solutions on how to overcome my current concerns?

View the summit schedule

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