Clean and ethical beauty has evolved significantly in recent years, fuelled by various environmental, societal and business factors, but why does this burgeoning category matter more today? Recently a group of experts comprising of manufactures, leading consumer data analysts who investigate changes in consumer trends and advise cosmetic brands, established a six-session series to examine these trends.

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has created new priorities in how consumers look at their product purchases and specifically, their skin and body products.  The issue of ethically sourced ingredients, biodegradable packaging, environmentally-sustainable manufacturing methods is now central to their decision-making when purchasing products.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit your skincare brand and ask questions relating to these issues.  While you are working with excellent brands that may tick all these boxes with these issues, are you promoting them with emphasis on issues that are now important to consumers?  Sometimes, all we need to do is revisit how we articulate our marketing to ensure we include the changes to consumer expectations.