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Forecast of the Best Cosmetic Trends for 2022-2023

January 12, 2022

Presented by the Global research lens

As skincare companies prepare to compete in 2022-2023 research is providing them with valuable feedback on consumer trends on which to base their focus for product development.  Here are some of the key trends that will feature this summer and beyond and what the professional market will be competing against for consumer spending.  Gaining this information from global research will allow you to be on point with your retail product stocks so that your clients can access products from you first.


Whether a quick spritz for the hair, body, or face, spray formats are particularly popular across global product launches. As the world slowly returns to more regular travel and work commutes, brands are seizing the opportunity to provide consumers with handbag-friendly formulations that are ideal for on-the-go use. Discover refreshing, maskne-fighting, and microbiome-balancing facial sprays, prebiotic-enriched and sense-stimulating atomizers, as well as a quick-fix antibacterial make-up brush spray for convenient cleansing.


While reds were trending during the winter months, spring and summer will feature a variety of more tender tones that will range from soft shades of rose quartz to sheer cotton and baby pink. The mellow tones have been picked up and features strongly by Japanese influences.  Traditionally, pink is a soothing, calming, and “anti-stress” colour, the perfect colour to wear in clothing or makeup as we move to the warmer seasons.


Not just ingredients, this season expect to see a lot of thought going into the design and materials used in cosmetic packaging.  Consumers are more conscious than ever about making sustainable choices and this is inspiring beauty brands to take steps towards offering products with biodegradable packaging. This includes “certified compostable” products and those made from materials such as paper, sugar cane, mushroom, seaweed, and food waste by-products that break down into harmless particles or contain no microplastics.

Water-soluble plastics and biodegradable packaging are gaining traction as the new trend, made with an amazing array of harmless ingredients such as dairy leftovers, starch and seaweed, are coming to the fore.


Due to the frequent use of masks and heightened stress levels, skin rashes and inflammation are becoming a common phenomenon as a result of the disruption of the skin barrier. The new trend in skincare is focusing on products with multifunctional formulas designed to restore the balance of the skin’s microbiome, regulate water, support cell turnover, and act as a barrier against skin irritants. These are now considered the go-to products for all skin types and conditions that aim at strengthening the skin barrier and safeguarding its protection.


We are keeping an eye on the latest Hemp and CBD trends.  International research company Beautystreams has confirmed that the CBD trend is not going away any time soon, in fact, it is experiencing proliferation in the age of Covid-19. As more people seek natural alternatives to address ailments like pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and insomnia, the CBD wellness and beauty landscape continues to grow.


After a year of pandemic lockdown and restrictions, it’s time to say hello to the glow vibe and goodbye to sallow skin, signifying health and wellbeing. This trend is all about achieving luminous skin that looks like it is glowing from within. It is a backlash against the cakey, overly contoured makeup look that we have seen as a trend in recent years. Starting with restoring skin balance, subtle satin, with a touch of shimmer foundations and blushes are illuminating a healthier-looking skin.


Powered by probiotics to preserve and protect the skin’s natural beauty, makeup companies are creating multi-tasking cosmetics for eyes, cheeks, brows and lips formulated with lactobacillus to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier, while adding a touch of colour and glamour to the face. Look for creamy sun-kissed duos that feature tropical botanical blends that drench the skin with rich hydration so the skin feels healthy and smooth, with probiotics that protect and defend the skin’s barrier.


Progressively the pivotal element of beauty is becoming the focus on health – making it one and the same, with products and treatments formulated to go beyond the skin and support physical and mental wellbeing. Cellular beauty will be combined with science and therapy.  Look for adaptogen ingredients, such as astaxanthin and ashwagandha that work not just on the skin, but also support wellbeing. 


Beauty communities and consumer collaboration will increasingly shape product development. Consumers will migrate to brands with shared values that are connected to community support through cause-related marketing initiatives.  Developing, simple functional products for everyday use with funds going towards supporting a community in need will continue to gain momentum.


The forecast is that from 2023 products will need to be fit to function in a trading environment where collective activism has increased and industry practices are being continually challenged on environmental and social grounds.

Regulators, investors, and consumers will coalesce to demand services, systems and products that accelerate regenerative change and deliver inclusive and equitable outcomes at local and global levels.  Proactively designed products that do ‘more good’ will stand out to consumers as markets become inundated with products designed to do less harm.

As the turmoil of the pandemic is put behind us and economies return to growth, it is important that the lessons of 2021 are acted upon.  Brands and retailers must seize the opportunity to reset or be held accountable as the cosmetic industry recreates itself as more ethical, inclusive and sustainable. 

In 2023 a brand that doesn’t participate positively with these values won’t participate at all, as beauty consumers look to invest in products that support their needs as well as the needs of others. Standing for something other than the bottom line will propel brands to the forefront of much-needed radical change and complete transparency will be non-negotiable. Products will need to help heal the world and be created by processes that boost biodiversity and leave no footprint behind.  To meet these objectives, cosmetic companies will need to prepare now for progressive transformation.

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