Image for Increased cancellations and an increase in abnormal skin reactions are being seen in salons and clinics.

Increased cancellations and an increase in abnormal skin reactions are being seen in salons and clinics.

January 23, 2023

Since the middle of 2022, APAN has recorded an alarming rate of persistent and progressive increase in cancellations reported by salons and clinics across all states.

Additionally, businesses are also perplexed at the rise in skin inflammation, rashes, dry and reactive skin conditions, as well as an increase in symptoms of fatigue from many of their clients. 

This is causing a great deal of stress as well as business disruption for many business owners.

So, is there a solution?

We are pleased to report that business owners and practitioners who have accessed APAN’s COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS KIT are relieved to finally gain a better understanding of the contributing factors through reliable evidence-based information.  

The 68-page document provides credible information based on a review of over 80 studies that investigated the common bodily systemic changes that many are experiencing as a result of the whole COVID environment.

Additionally, in Section 2 of the document businesses are able to access simple strategies on how to support their clients, families, and friends on their journey to recovery.

“It’s not just the clients, many of the business owners we are speaking with are personally experiencing fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, poor sleep, aches and pains and other symptoms that are associated with COVID long-haul,” Tina Viney said. 

This is not the time to ignore these symptoms and hope they will go away, as studies confirm that up to 75% of people who have experienced COVID will experience these symptoms, it is therefore important that businesses and their staff access this information so that they can provide a new level of hope and support to their clients.

The COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS is also supported with a video presented by Professor Laurence Walsh, and it can be accessed for a fee of $495.  It will also be soon available as a study course. 

I am eternally grateful to APAN for the incredible wealth of information available in this kit.  It answered many questions and we immediately added new protocols on how to support our clients in areas where we previously did not know how to address them. 

This information has also helped us build trust and accelerate our clients’ respect for our knowledge in supporting them at this time. This kit is a must for all business owners. Jane Lewis – Advanced Skin Therapies, WA

The good news is that current APAN members can access it for FREE.


There is no better time to join APAN as a professional member or renew your membership as this will secure you:

  • Full membership kit with discounted services, certificate, Code of Ethics and new strategic partners.
  • Your personal copy of the COVID SKIN MANIFESTATIONS AND SOLUTIONS KIT with evidence-based information and solutions FREE (valued at $495).
  • 12-month’s subscription to APJ Journal
  • 12-month’s subscription to SPA + CLINIC (please confirm if you give us permission to forward your details to also receive this publication).

We have worked for over three months reviewing the literature and compiling a valuable document that will provide you with real answers that will help you support your clients with evidence-based solutions and care.

“As soon as I reviewed this document we amended our consultation form, contacted all our clients who were experiencing low energy levels and other symptoms and rebooked them, as we now could confidently offer evidence-based support on their road to full recovery.  What a difference this document has made to our business! APAN are true leaders in timely, evidence-based support.  Thank you for your dedication to the industry.” Judith Thompson, Dermal Clinician, NSW

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact APAN 07 5593 0360, or to renew or join APAN today

Please note, this initiative is designed to provide you with urgent and valuable support for peace of mind during these challenging times.

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