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Beauty therapy added to the Australian apprenticeship priority list

January 23, 2023

Following a review of skills shortage within the beauty industry reported by many business owners and several industry bodies including APAN have pursued the prospect of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy being included in the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List.

We are pleased to report that in 2023 the Australian Apprenticeship Priority List has been updated to include Beauty Therapist (451111).

The new listing was released on 1 January 2023 so that means the qualifications listed below now attract the federal employer incentives for Apprentices.

The following Beauty and Beauty Therapy units have been included:

SHB30121            Certificate III in Beauty Services

SHB30115            Certificate III in Beauty Services

SHB30221            Certificate III in Make-up

SHB30215           Certificate III in Make-up

SHB30321            Certificate III in Nail Technology

SHB30315            Certificate III in Nail Technology

SHB40121            Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy 

SHB40115            Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy

SHB60118            Advanced Diploma of Intense Pulsed Light and Hair Reduction

SHB60221            Advanced Diploma of Skin Therapy

SHB50121            Diploma of Beauty Therapy

SHB50115            Diploma of Beauty Therapy

SHB50216            Diploma of Salon Management

SHB50210            Diploma of Salon Management

What significance is being added to the list?

The Australian Apprenticeship Priority List identifies trade, community and personal services occupations identified as experiencing national skill shortages.

It identifies occupations classified by the Australia Bureau of Statistics as Technician, Trade Workers and Community and Personal Service Workers and assessed by the National Skills Commission as being in a national skills shortage.

The significance of Beauty Therapy being added to the Australian Apprentice undertaking a qualification at either Certificate III, IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level that leads to an occupation on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List may be eligible for an Apprentice Training Support Payment of up to $5,000 for the first two years of their Australian Apprenticeship.

Employers of Australian Apprentices in Australia Apprenticeships Priority List occupations may be eligible for a wage subsidy of up to $1,500 per quarter for the first two years of the apprenticeship and up to $750 per quarter for the third year.

Take note: When an apprentice commences their training contract the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) assesses what federal incentives are available to the employer.

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