Image for We just released our 50TH issue of APJ

We just released our 50TH issue of APJ

July 1, 2022

Birthed out of an industry demand for a publication that will deliver quality educational content, the APJ Journal was launched in June 2009 and was enthusiastically embraced by professionals
and business owners who were seeking support to excel in skin and age-management.

Over the past 13 years, the APJ Journal has been published every quarter, inspiring, educating and empowering industry professionals and their businesses to advance their knowledge and raise their standards to meet the ever-changing consumer expectations through sound, evidence-based practice.

As the official journal of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN), APJ is highly committed to covering a broad section of industry topics delivered with a strong focus on education.

Our primary objective has been to provide valuable educational content as the industry faces the challenges of rapid growth, technological advances and fierce competition, as cosmetic medicine merges within the aesthetic space.

Even though each issue may represent a seasonal theme, APJ does not steer away from its comprehensive, diverse, and robust educational content to challenge and inspire practitioners who are
seeking quality scientifically-sound information to base their decisions.

Each issue, therefore, aims to feature information from the
following 19 categories:
• Regulations and regulatory compliance
• Cosmetic ingredient science
• Scientific updates and evidence-based practice
• Advances in equipment technology
• Advances in treatment techniques
• Cosmetic medicine
• Educational qualifications and training
• Business innovations and social media
• Nutrition for skin and age-management
• Aromatherapy
• Health science
• Personal development
• Mental hygiene/mental health
• Professional development/conference programs

The success of APJ is also thanks to our amazing editorial contributors, who have been invited to share their knowledge and contribute to the growth of our professional community. We would
like to acknowledge and thank the following:

  • Professor Terry Everitt is responsible for the Scientific News section of this journal, as well as ongoing scientific articles.
  • Dr Giulia D’Anna our amazing editor provides us with excellent educational articles on cosmetic medicine.
  • Jacine Greenwood-Drummond delivers up-to-the-minute amazing cosmetic chemistry and ingredient updates.
  • Gay Wardle whom we are honoured to say that she is our very first APAN professional member and has consistently supported us by sharing her knowledge through articles in APJ with excellent education content in dermal therapies.
  • Katherine McCann provides us learn with thought-provoking articles on Cosmetic Tattooing advances.
  • Fiona Tuck is renowned for her extensive knowledge of nutrition for skin health and wellbeing. We are thrilled she is joining us this year to educate our readers on new scientific evidence on this important topic.

We also want to thank YOU our readers!

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