Image for This week, The Spring Issue of APJ Journal will be finalised.

This week, The Spring Issue of APJ Journal will be finalised.

November 16, 2022

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This issue will present compelling new research on a number of topics.

Expect to receive comprehensive education through several articles that will address and update you on new advances in the industry that you will not wish to miss. 

  • If you perform laser resurfacing procedures or phenol peels, learn the ingredients that will help minimise the risk of hyperinflammatory pigmentation and other complications.
  • Two excellent articles will feature herbs for Gut Health and Dandelion and its Effect on overall Health and the Skin.
  • In Scientific News, Terry Everitt presents some insight into treating Skin of Colour with conditions of Rosacea.
  • This edition also features an article that identifies probiotic strands that are directly linked to the treatment of rosacea.
  • New regulations of cosmetic surgery and what is required of practitioners.
  • Hair loss in Women, what is causing it and what you can do about it.
  • Essential oils for Immunity, which ones to look for?
  • We also include two personal development articles – Becoming Unstoppable, and the Exploration of Joy.

With the news of the emerging Monkeypox, we bring you up to date on the latest information. Will this be the new wave of viral infections? 

Super exciting, you don’t want to miss this! We feature the interesting History and Politics of Red Lipstick.

Look out for this spectacular issue. This APJ journal will provide you with valuable information for you and your business and your clients.

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