Openstreams foundation is an international organization that is committed to industry research and provides resources for manufacturers and cosmetic companies and organisations to benefit from the intellectual and research data in building their brand for local and global reach.

Last year APAN was invited to take part in their online speakers’ conference where we shared information with numerous associations across the globe.

Today we receive a special invitation to join the movement called Stop age Anxiety. You can also spread the word as you see fit.

This special initiative is designed to challenge how we think and feel about ageing and elevate the conversation around age.  By spearheading industry-wide awareness of the pressure to appear youthful and re-examining our perception of ageing. 

Openstreams hopes to foster healthy ageing, to better reflect the human experience and the beauty of growing older in today’s society.  This is a non-profit initiative. 

We are pleased to invite you to join this exciting and mutually beneficial collaboration.  Please feel free to access the artwork provided and share this message with your business community.

If you join to join this initiative we will provide you with the content and details on our social pages and we will include access to all our webinars and/or events related to the STOP AGE ANXIETY awareness campaign.