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Rejuvenation Solutions for a Mature Skin with Complications

May 18, 2022

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As we age, underlying health issues can impede on treatment directions through potential risks and limitations to a treatment plan. 

It is therefore essential to carefully review a client’s skin, as well as their health profile to determine potential contra-indications, treatment settings, as well as the appropriate use of a sequence of techniques and technologies.

 In this presentation, a panel of experts will be given a specific client/patient health and skin evaluation profile of a mature woman seeking to improve her skin concerns and achieve a more youthful appearance.  Each panellist will be given the opportunity to discuss their treatment approach, as well as identify treatment outcome possibilities and limitations.

 Brief Client/patient profile:

AGE: 56.

PRESENTED SKIN CONDITION: Mild rosacea in the mid-facial region with evidence of telangiectasia in the cheeks creating a flushed appearance.  The skin is dehydrated and quite inflamed. The main area where lines appear in the forehead, around the eyes and upper lip. 

The lower face is showing signs of loss of tone impacting the nasolabial fold and the jawline losing definition. The client’s skin colour is classified as a Fitzpatrick IV with evidence of some pigmentation in the cheeks. 

HEALTH CONDITION: Menopause with hot flushes contributes to restless sleep. 

Type II diabetes which she is keeping under control with diet.  Allergic to seafood.  Since COVID-19 she has been experiencing anxieties and her doctor has subscribed benzodiazepines for short term use only. 

REQUIRED OUTCOME: The client/patient is seeking to improve overall skin texture, minimise the redness in her skin, remove pigmentation, refresh the skin minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles including toning of her jawline.  She is currently only using a light moisturiser, and a foaming cleanser and occasionally applies a night cream.  She does not use sunscreen. 

All her products are the basis of supermarket products that she randomly uses.

A panel of experts: The panel of experts consists of qualified and experienced professionals utilising various disciplines.  They will be given the opportunity to present a treatment plan, any identified precautionary measures, contraindications, and to articulate potential treatment outcomes including limitations.  The panel will discuss – corrective skin treatments using various technologies, skincare choices for both in-clinic and home use and cosmetic injections for addressing lines and wrinkles. 

  • Cosmetic Physician – Dr David Kosenko: Laser treatment and other technologies to improve skin texture, broken capillaries and pigmentation
  • Dermal Therapist – Sally Park: Products, strategies/techniques and technologies for improving skin texture, minimising inflammation, pigmentation and recommended homecare products
  • Cosmetic Nurse – Rebecca Habersberger: Injectable procedures.

Rebecca Habersberger  RN, BAppSc (Hons)

Rebecca graduated from Nursing in 1993 with honours and moved into Plastic and Cosmetic surgery, resulting in over 20 years of experience in the industry. She has worked for several Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons throughout Victoria, providing a number of services to patients. These include cosmetic assessments, Botox® injections, Filler treatments and Laser Therapy. Due to her wealth of experience and expertise, Rebecca has spent years as a highly successful trainer with several companies and in many cosmetic products and procedures. She prides herself on providing a “Total Facial Assessment” consultation.

Dr David Kosenko – Cosmetic physician at Impress Cosmetic Medicine, Victoria.

Vice President at Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA)

Dr Kosenko is an experienced cosmetic practice principal with strong consulting and business management skills.

He is the Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a Member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia.

Sally Park – Dermal Clinician

Sally Park holds a Bachelor in Health Science (Clinical Aesthetics). She is the Marketing and Distribution Management and the Clinical Supervisor of the Australian College of Health and Wellness.  Sally specialises in various forms of holistic therapies, dermal aesthetics and hair transplants. She has a solid history at various cosmetic clinics and specialises in training and coaching teams on leadership, light-based therapies and a multitude of other clinical therapies.

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