Image for Popular UK Skin Care Expert Joins the “Bloom” APAN Aesthetics Conference for 2022

Popular UK Skin Care Expert Joins the “Bloom” APAN Aesthetics Conference for 2022

May 18, 2022

We are also thrilled to receive confirmation that UK aesthetician and industry personality has accepted to share her knowledge with us. 

Louise Thomas-Minns has an incredible reputation for helping businesses achieve their goals through effective communication that is both credible and generates consumer trust – two important elements in building a salon or clinic business.


Constantly being lured through social media and online promotions your clients have incredible opportunities to purchase their skincare products through other sources other than through your recommendations. So, why should they purchase their skincare from you?  As with all things since the pandemic. how you approach your clients to purchase their skincare from you requires a slightly different approach. 

Louise Thomas-Minns is a highly successful skin therapist and educator based in the UK.  Her unique educational approach has positioned her as a leading skincare guru and educator.  In this lecture she will share with you her signature 3D approach to skin health, incorporating a nutritional and holistic philosophy and how this approach has allowed her to gain consumer confidence in her skincare recommendations and contribute to the impressive expansion of her business – Louise Thomas Skin Therapy and Louise Thomas Skin Care.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • How to identify the barriers to achieving sales
  • To understand the basic needs of clients when it comes to retailing
  • How to demonstrate to your client the importance of regular skin health reviews
  • To explain the benefits of a 3-dimensional approach to skin health and care

About Louise Thomas-Minns

Louise Thomas-Minns is a qualified aesthetician, skin health expert, educator and formulator.  Louise’s career has spanned some 26 years and has been built from her passion

for skin health.  Since the age of 15, Louise has had an interest in Beauty and wellness starting her work life as a Saturday girl at a local beauty salon.

Today, she is highly respected in the industry and as a result of her extensive knowledge and expertise, she is invited as an advisor to various brands.

Louise also sits on several company boards and is the CEO and Director of her company. She has just launched the first of five signature skincare products and is a podcast host of ‘The skin pod’.

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