Every business owner has a duty of care to ensure they establish and maintain a safe work environment for themselves, their staff, and the clients that visit their premises. This requires a workplace safety plan.

The end of the year is a perfect time to review your safety measures.  Your duty of care is to provide and maintain a safe working environment that includes: 

  • The workplace layout: Have you recently introduced new equipment?
  • Are they obstructing walkways and is the power supply near your workstation?
  • Are the power cords a hazard?
  • Equipment: Are your existing equipment in good working order? 
  • Is it time to service them?
  • Staff posture:  Maintaining good posture is critical to the prevention of injury and fatigue.  It is important to regularly review the observance of good posture in the workplace. 
  • At least annually, correct posture for bending, lifting, or sitting should be reviewed. 
  • Workplace fatigue:  Are you ensuring regular short breaks for you and your workers, especially those who are performing repetitive movements? 
  • Left unchecked they can contribute to carpal tunnel syndrome which can contribute to weakness and painful wrists. 
  • Ventilation and airborne contaminants: Is your workplace room temperature at a comfortable setting for the well-being of your staff and clients?
  • Do you also have good ventilation? This is not only important for supporting the energy levels of your practitioners but also to monitor any fumes from chemicals in use or plume from laser services.  If you are working in an enclosed space with no natural ventilation, it may be advisable to invest in an air purifier that also removes airborne bacteria and even viruses.
  • Occupational health and safety policy: Periodically, it is important to review your state’s Council requirements for health and safety and infection control measures to ensure that the standards are maintained, including the correct storage of flammable or combustible substances, as well as the correct disposal of wastes.
  • First Aid Kit:  Is your first aid kit well supplied with the necessary items that may have been used?
  • Personal protection equipment:  Are you and your staff complying with requirements regarding the use of personal protective measures, gloves, garments, and masks?

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