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Covid Cancellation Policy | What do you need to know?

January 21, 2022

We are receiving requests for advice from business owners on cancellations at short notice from their clients, causing them incredible hardship and stress. We understand your concerns – a last-minute cancellation is a financial loss for the business that is required to incur wages, overhead costs and even having to refuse another appointment while resulting in no income against expenses.

We strongly recommend you implement a policy of an up-front payment or at the very least a 50% deposit on appointments. Make this mandatory, not optional.

If they choose to cancel you will reserve the right to retain a cancellation fee.  However, if they wish to differ the appointment because they have had a positive diagnosis, please ask them to present to you their medical evidence before you reschedule their appointment once they have been cleared through a negative test result.

This is APAN’s policy recommendation. Its aim is to protect businesses from non-considerate cancellation abuses.

Please let your clients know how you would like to implement this. This is an association Policy, introduced by APAN for the purpose of protecting business viability.

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