Image for Cosmetic and Functional Uses of Botulinum Toxin to Support Skin Health and Provide Leading Results

Cosmetic and Functional Uses of Botulinum Toxin to Support Skin Health and Provide Leading Results

April 4, 2022

Our conference program is shaping with some incredible speakers and topics with amazing new content that will provide you with powerful information to support and enhance your confidence and success.

For our cosmetic nurses, doctors and dentists, Dr GIULIA D’ANNA will provide an excellent lecture on effective and successful strategies with injectable procedures.  Giulia is an incredible educator and her information is always rich in content and leading techniques. 

Knowledge and skills relating to mental health and mental hygiene are now considered an essential requirement to have in place for every astute business. This is an inexhaustible topic that touches everyone’s life in this present age, both personally and professionally. 

This session guarantees to provide delegates with invaluable information on how to prevent mental health challenges in the workplace and how to grow and maintain resilience for joy and productivity in the workplace.  All participants will go away with a workable solution to setting, improving and maintaining mental hygiene, both personally and in the workplace.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of mental health aberrations in yourself, your staff and your clients.
  • Learn how to eat for mental performance and clarity during high-stress load and performance expectations.
  • Discover the top 10 herbs that Nicky uses in the clinic to support mental hygiene in her patients and other strategies that are in her toolkit of self-care.
  • Learn tapping techniques for an instant calming and positive response that can be applied in any and all stress and anxiety situations,
  • regardless of how you are being impacted.


Dr D’Anna holds qualifications in Dentistry, Dermal therapies and Cosmetic injecting and is the owner of her own clinic that covers three spectrums of service – dentistry, cosmetic medicine and dermal therapies. 

Dr D’Anna is also a highly respected trainer and educator in traditional and new techniques for facial skin rejuvenation, as well as in cosmetic medicine.  She is renowned for her innovative techniques that cross over several modalities to create amazing natural and beautiful results. 

In 2021 Dr D’Anna launched DERMAL DISTINCTION TRAINING ACADEMY where she provides formal training both in foundational as well as advanced cosmetic medical techniques for qualified doctors, dentists and nurses.

Giulia is also the editor of APJ JOURNAL in which she regularly contributes quality and in-depth educational article on new advances in aesthetics and cosmetic medicine.

Please visit to register.

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