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APAN Launches Position Statement for COVID-related Skin Manifestations

July 29, 2022

As businesses resumed their activities state-by-state following the lockdowns. Salon and clinic owners are reaching out to us requesting guidelines for potential skin manifestations. 

However, both Federal and State governments were not prepared to issue any guidelines as they indicated that there were no studies yet on this topic. The government then requested that we establish our own guidelines, which we did.

Following the well receive lecture presented by Professor Laurence Walsh at the APAN Conference. We have been given permission to use his material and any additional studies that outline identified persistent COVID related skin manifestations.

We are currently finalising a Position statement document.

We highly recommend that all professionals that provide face or body services access and implement the recommendations as part of their protocols.

Why do you need this document?

As an industry standards body/association it is our responsibility to establish position statements and self-regulation guidelines as part of your best practice, this is for matters that arise where no formal regulations exist.

As an industry body, part of our duty-of-care is to protect the industry.

However, as much as possible our guidelines must be evidence-based to ensure that they reflect and contain credible data.

The APAN Covid-related guidelines will provide you with well-researched evidence-based information on what skin manifestations to look for and how to advise your clients. 

It is anticipated that as time progresses more and more of these manifestations will become common place. 

It is imperative that you as a professional be made aware of them so that you can differentiate them from an allergic reaction as this will ultimately have the potential to position you at risk of being responsible for a treatment related outcome because of poor judgement on your part. 

Please note the framework of this document will be carefully developed to support you against litigation.  It will be compiled by experts with specific risk-management criteria.

APAN members will receive this document free as part of their membership. 

No members will incur a fee to access it. 

Providing safety and protective measures in a timely manner is why businesses and professionals join APAN.  We have a proven reputation of investing heavily in initiatives that priorities your protection. 

This document will be available within the next two weeks.

If you allowed your membership to lapse or wish to join APAN here is a perfect reason, why you should consider being supported by this organisation. The document will be available in 2 weeks.

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