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Aim Higher than Basic Beauty Therapy with ACHW

November 22, 2022

With consumers expecting better treatment outcomes in an increasingly competitive market, it is essential that new practitioners receive a higher standard of education and training.

ACHW’s Undergraduate Certificate in Dermal Interventions is a 6-month course exploring the most in-demand dermal intervention modalities used in the industry today. It is designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise needed to confidently succeed as a skin and laser therapist.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of skin biology, the various ways that its health is impacted, and how this affects the ageing process.

They will then participate in authentic clinical learning environments, learning how to use microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels, laser technology for hair reduction and skin rejuvenation, skin needling, and more on real patients. This combination of scientific theory and practical experience ensures that graduates are fully prepared to meet dermal therapy goals.

Comparable programs to this Undergraduate Certificate are the Diploma of Beauty Therapy, although this takes 1 year to complete, has higher tuition costs, only covers basic beauty treatments, and is at a lower academic level overall, or the Advanced Diploma of Skin Therapy which is also a higher cost, takes longer to complete and does not have the same advanced modalities of the Undergraduate Certificate.

Another advantage of this Undergraduate Certificate is that it offers a direct articulation pathway toward higher education. The four units of this course are part of ACHW’s Associate and Bachelor degrees, so graduates are able to progress into one of these programs with full, free recognition of this study.

To learn more about this Undergraduate Certificate, please download this free course guide.

Dermal Study Options

 Undergraduate Certificate in Dermal InterventionsDiploma of Beauty TherapyAdvanced Diploma of Skin Therapy
Time to complete6 Months12 months12 months
Delivery ModeStudy theory online with authentic practical clinic sessionsPredominantly Face-to-FacePredominantly Face-to-Face
Price$8,950Average of $17,881Average of $11,667
Qualification Level656
Government LoansFEE-HELP to any student who meets criteriaStudent loans to students who meet criteria, limited by provider.No
Clinic LocationsGold Coast, Sydney, MelbourneTypically one clinic location dependent on providerTypically one clinic location dependent on provider
Direct Articulation to Higher EducationYesNoNo

What is an Undergraduate Certificate?

Undergraduate Certificates are a new class of qualification that are ideal for newcomers to beauty and dermal therapy.

More relevant and advanced than similar diploma programs, they offer an achievable introduction to this field with a combination of Bachelor-level scientific study and hands-on experience that is directly applicable to professional practice.

ACHW’s range of courses also include:

  • Undergraduate Certificate for Cosmetic Advisors
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Dermal Science and Nutrition
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Facial Care Fundamentals
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Health Care Communications
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Laser and Dermal Therapy Essentials

You can learn more about the Undergraduate Certificate in Dermal Interventions by reading this course guide.

If you would like to speak with an ACHW admissions advisor, please email or call 1300 227 603 to get in touch.

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