Image for Professional development | Why it is important in order to be successful in your business?

Professional development | Why it is important in order to be successful in your business?

July 2, 2021

According to Guskey (2000) “Professional Development (PD) is defined as the
processes and activities designed to enhance professional knowledge and skills.”

PD refers to all training, certification, and education that workers need to succeed in his or her career. It is no secret that different jobs require different skills. Even if today, you have the necessary skills, it is guaranteed that you will need additional skills in the future. Technology updates, new discoveries entering the market require that we are constantly updating our processes and enhancing our skills and the old models of thinking and doing.

There are many reasons why businesses should invest in the professional development of employees, including measurable benefits of skilled employees staying up-to-date with industry and technical trends. Studies confirm that businesses and staff that commit to their ongoing professional development are happier and more engaged employees that are less likely to leave the business.

It is useful to think of PD as an investment. An investment of your time and development. Applying a ‘return on investment mindset to planning your professional development is important because it focuses your thinking on the potential return in terms of career benefits.

Plan for your development and success,
by asking the following questions.

What are the intended learning outcomes from this activity? (if the
activity is a formal course this is a good question to ask the course

What is the relevance of this activity to my current work role?

How will my employer benefit when I achieve the intended learning

How can new knowledge expand my scope of practice?

What are the longer-term benefits for me – higher salary or job satisfaction?

APAN is the only Aesthetics independent industry body that has a CPD program in
place. Our ARAP and CTARP programs review qualifications. We also can connect you to courses and we recently just had our APAN conference which continues to add wow and awe ( 10CPD points).

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