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What Can Members Expect From APAN This Year?

February 2, 2021

Let’s face it, during challenging times, you need support and someone reliable to turn to. APAN is the leading and longest-standing standards body/association with extensive knowledge and experience specialising in aesthetics, dermal therapies, cosmetic tattooing, and cosmetic medicine. Can you believe we have been running for over eleven years?

We provide you with prompt and credible advice and resource documents to ensure you are not just meeting regulatory requirements, but also industry best practice. We are supported by a legal firm with 40 lawyers who are experts in business law, trademarks, human resource management, and much more. We care about you, your business, regulations, and making a difference in this industry.

We are a community that is for you!

While social media has its place in providing diverse platforms to allow exchange of ideas. When making important decisions it is critical that you seek advice from those who are an authority in the area of information you are seeking, this is imperative to your safety and reputation. Business owners thank us daily for the help we are giving them and regret not coming to us earlier.

APAN is involved on a full-time basis with government bodies and regulatory departments.  We understand the underlining rules and know how to interpret them and protect you. We minimise your stress and help you get it right the first time. You can gain prompt support as you can access a qualified person at our office five days a week 10am to 6pm.

You can also achieve recognition of your qualifications through our ARAP and CTARP Registration program and be included on our national register.  This program views your credentials and validates their authenticity (subject to your qualifications meeting with the appropriate merit criteria determined by an independent peak body).  ARAP and CTARP practitioners are also trademark protected.

Members can access discounted services in insurance, merchant banking, legal services, client payment systems, and numerous other credible companies that can support your business.

All our partners are screened and must meet specific requirements before they can be accepted and promoted to our members.

APAN leads the way in:

  • Educational Conference programs.
  • A leading educational industry journal.
  • Social media platforms for community interaction and networking
  • The only free industry website dedicated exclusively to consumers to access your services
  • Code of Ethics and Code of Practice endorsed by several societies.
  • Over 50 resource documents aligned to regulations and industry standards.
  • Student only group (Coming soon)
  • New: Membership portal (Coming soon)
  • Online study units for professional development.
  • Self-regulation Pandemic Infection Control Program.
  • International Safety and Infection Control Charter.
  • An online virtual assistant to assist you
  • New: APJ website with a library of articles (accessible at a fee – FREE for members) This site will be launched over the next three months.
  • International and national professional alliances with other peak bodies for collaboration and information exchange.

Most importantly, APAN stands for integrity, credibility, and regulatory change. Make it your badge of professional standards.

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