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Update On The Online Aesthetic Conference

February 11, 2021

Save the date, grab a cuppa, watch the conference in the comfort of your own home.

Following our highly successful Online Aesthetic Conference program last year and in line with the feedback we have received, we are thrilled to be putting together the 2021 event which will be launched on 28-29 June. 

This year we will feature 30 expert speakers on a variety of topics that will provide you with amazing, up-to-date, and in-depth educational content to help energise and support you in your professional and business journey.

Worried about finding the time to view it? Not a problem, you will be able to view the sessions for a further 30 days after the program has aired.

Check this snapshot of just three of the topics and speakers we secured yesterday:

Topic 2021 COVID-19 update: The Global Vaccination Effort

Speaker: Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO (Australia)

Time: 50 minutes

Moving forward from last year, it is time we gained clarity and a comprehensive understanding of the issue of “vaccines”. This has been a highly controversial topic and has brought many uncertainties and confusion. This lecture aims to bring clarity by addressing information on:

  • Concepts of immunity and immunization
  • The 5 major COVID-19 vaccine types
  • Vaccine effectiveness
  • Clinical trial pathways
  • Vaccine side effects
  • Vaccine hesitancy versus acceptance
  • Australian vaccine strategy, approvals, and rollout will also be included.

Professor Laurence J. Walsh AO is a renowned academic and research expert on several areas including dentistry, laser technology, and infection control. He is the author of the PAN001 PANDEMIC INFECTION CONTROL program that is supported by the INTERNATIONAL SAFETY AND INFECTION CONTROL CHARTER.  Professor Walsh is a leading educator with strong expertise and knowledge in the areas of infection control and viruses.

He is currently ranked in the top 0.25% of world scientists. Professor Walsh was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in January 2018, and a life member of ADAQ in 2020, in recognition of his contributions to science.

Topic: Principles and Techniques for Post-Cancer nipple Aerola simulation with cosmetic tattooing

SPEAKER: Paola Gateno (Chile)

TIME: 30 minutes

In 2020 female breast cancer increased globally by an estimated 2.3 million new cases (11.7%).  This affliction is devastating for many women and their families, stripping at their dignity, and contributing to ongoing stress, potential divorce and in some cases even death. The role of the medical cosmetic tattooist is an extremely important one post-mastectomy in helping restore confident and a level of normality through skilfully crafted nipple areola simulation.  

This presentation will address:

  • How tissue healing changes during cancer.
  • New advances in areola technique and PMU areola reconstruction.
  • Is perfect symmetry the objective for a successful outcome?
  • Dealing with emotional trauma and the psychological effects in post-mastectomy.
  • The importance of correct training.

Paolo Gateno

Paolo Gateno is a globally renowned educator in empowering practitioners in medical PMU and enhancing professionalism for cosmetic tattooists with strong ethical and human values. Apart from Cosmetic tattooing, she holds qualifications in Oncological Aesthetics and Restorative and Integrative
Aesthetics. Her educational contribution was a precursor to the introduction of the first medical fellowship in PMU in the world, training medical professionals in PMU solutions in paramedical and
in leading areola reconstruction techniques for greater patient support post-mastectomy. Paola is considered a leader in the development of social programs that incorporate Paramedical and Oncological PMU procedures in Chile and around the world.

TOPIC:  Beyond Ingredients New Advances and concepts in Cosmeceutical Applications

SPEAKER:  DR TIINA MEDER – Dermatologist (Switzerland)

TIME: 30 minutes

As delivery systems are becoming more sophisticated to instigate positive changes to more advanced treatment outcomes, they pose another consideration – what is the most effective sequence of application that various skincare formulations should be applied to ensure optimal skin improvement and advanced clinical results? New clinical studies are uncovering interesting data on why, when and in what order skincare layering should be applied. In this lecture you will learn:

  • Advances in skincare delivery systems and how do they impact treatment outcome?
  • Why is the order of your product application important?
  • How does the condition of the skin determine the best sequence of application?
  • How to gain the optimal results from your treatments.  

Dr Tiina Meder is a renowned dermatologist and award-winning formulator of cosmeceutical skincare and treatment systems that deliver advanced clinical results without the need for induced inflammation.  The success of her formulations and incredible treatment results are based on her comprehensive understanding of skin pathophysiology, how skin behaves and what disrupts skin health.  Armed with this understanding her focus is to use the most advanced ingredients, delivery systems and techniques to restore the skin to its optimal health.  Dr Meder is a passionate educator of evidence-based skincare principles that are considered the most up-to-date for leading treatment outcomes.  

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