Image for Three incredible speakers you don’t want to miss!

Three incredible speakers you don’t want to miss!

June 18, 2021

We have just over one week to go.  Please don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you by.  This is a world-class education, comprehensive, and with an extensive subject matter. We profile just three speakers here:


SPEAKER: Kelly Forshaw (UK)

TIME: 10.10am -10.40am –

The evolving modality of Cosmetic Tattooing is not just about improving features such as eyebrows, lips and providing a perfect eyeliner. As a constantly advancing profession cosmetic tattooing is far reaching in providing solutions for traumatised skin and medical conditions, allowing practitioners to support a patient’s quality of life through more permanent cosmetic solutions. In this lecture world-renowned educator Kelly Forshaw will take you into the specialised area of medical cosmetic tattooing with evidence of amazing outcomes that can be achieved through advanced techniques.  In this lecture you will learn:

  • Solutions on how to correct the appearance of vitiligo
  • Burns and scars: challenges and treatments
  • The emotional issues and psychological considerations
  • The importance of correct training for medical cosmetic tattooing

KELLY FORSHAW: Kelly Forshaw is a London-based, highly acclaimed cosmetic and medical tattooist with international recognition. Her passion for micropigmentation began initially in semi-permanent make-up before she entered the world of medical tattooing.  Kelly is now widely respected for creating fresh, natural looking results for both medical and cosmetic clients. 

Kelly teaches at the Royal College of Surgeons and has become a reputable name within hospitals and clinics throughout England, covering every aspect of cosmetic medical work from head to toe to boost the confidence of her clients.  

She works with Finishing Touches, Britain’s largest medical and cosmetic micropigmentation training school. Initially teaching semi-permanent make-up in the early stages of her career, Kelly is now a Master Educator for the Medical Sector.  She also regularly speaks at some of the world’s largest multinational conferences to hundreds of industry peers. 

Having spent over 15 years travelling around the world broadening her skills and knowledge and returning with the latest techniques and treatments, Kelly offers patients the most realistic and cutting-edge results available.  She has helped develop products which are now used daily around the UK and has also mastered her own design techniques for all aspects of medical tattooing, creating techniques with longevity rather than just short-term benefits.


SPEAKER: Phil Schramm

TIME: 11.50am – 12.20 pm

Despite new technologies constantly on the rise, IPL and Laser are still considered as the leading and in-demand technologies both by practitioners and their clients and patients.  While there is a plethora of devices, new, exciting advances are stepping up the capabilities of these devices by delivering quicker, safer, and more efficient results. Phil Schramm has an incredible reputation as a leading educator of medical aesthetic devices and renowned for his knowledge in all-things laser for over 15 years.

In this lecture you will learn:

  • Laser physics and how this knowledge will guide you into better treatment outcomes
  • Key considerations in minimising risks of adverse reactions.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of why parameter selection and adjustment in pulsed light procedures is vitally important for achieving best treatment outcomes.
  • New advances in equipment technologies

PHIL SCHRAMM: Phil Schramm has an incredible reputation as a leading educator of medical aesthetic devices, and he is renowned for his knowledge in all-things laser. For over 15 years he has immersed in technical knowledge on the application of light-based protocols for leading cosmetic results in aesthetic care.  Phil is a regular speaker at medical conferences and is highly respected for his extensive knowledge in laser physics and the application of technical information in the clinical environment. Phil is the General Manager at Sciton Lasers Australia & NZ.


SPEAKER:  Mr. Clement Beaumont (Canada)

TIME:  1.20pm – 1.40pm

While in the past electrolysis was the only means to achieve permanent hair removal, the advent of light-based technologies, such as laser and IPL brought a new era of swift hair removal. Over the past 15 years IPL and laser have become the go-to technology, despite the results not being permanent removal, particularly with recurring white hair. In recent times, we are seeing a comeback in the popularity of electrolysis, but with more sophisticated technology providing not just permanent hair removal but also additional capabilities in aesthetic care.  Mr. Clement Beaumont is a world-renowned educator.  He will update you on how electrolysis is being re-introduced into the new era and what you can expect from the new technological advances.  In this lecture you will learn:

  • In the age of technological advancement why is electrolysis gaining global recognition
  • What are some of the unique capabilities and treatment outcomes that can be achieved with this modality
  • How can electrolysis be a valuable modality to an aesthetic practice
  • What are the most important and essential elements of training to achieve safety and efficacy

MR CLEMENT BEAUMONT (CANADA): Mr. Clement Beaumont is the president and CEO of Dectro International, a 30-years old Canadian corporation that specialises in the conception and manufacture of electrolysis and aesthetic equipment. Mr. Beaumont directs the research and development division of Dectro International that aims to improve permanent hair removal treatment and aesthetic care applications. Mr. Beaumont is regularly travelling around the world to attend international conventions, to assist Dectro’s worldwide distributors and to lecture at specialised seminars on electrolysis or aesthetic technologies. Mr. Beaumont contributed to the conception of the first computerised epilation system named ‘APILUS’, which introduced personalised programs adapted to each body areas and stored in a customer file for later retrieval.

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