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Sub-contractor Agreement – The Power of Collaboration

February 2, 2021

When times are tough you may wish to share your space with another professional who can complement your services.  You could introduce a hairdresser, naturopath, massage therapist, or cosmetic injector nurse, or doctor.  A couple of other considerations could include a cosmetic tattooist or even a lash and brow technician who is a real specialist at what they do.

While you can establish a percentage-based arrangement on the work they perform, you could also sub-contract a room to them and just share the space to help minimise your rental costs. You will, however, need to gain permission from your landlord first. This will allow you to refer your clients to additional services that could benefit them without having to leave your premises – a one-stop-shop so to speak.

However, be mindful that these relationships must abide by regulatory guidelines through a Sub-contractor Agreement.  We are seeing these arrangements becoming more and more common as overheads are because of a burden, especially in difficult financial times.

To help support and protect you APAN has developed a Sub-Contractor Agreement template.  This is the latest document is to be added to our resource documents list to help you streamline your operations in a cost-effective way. While taking away the stress of not knowing if what you are meeting with regulatory requirements. If you are sub-contracting this document is a must. It will protect you and make things easy for you.  

Check this out as well as over 50 documents are now available to help run your business in line with best practice and regulatory requirements. 


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