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Member of the Week goes to..

May 6, 2021

This week’s members feature goes to the angelic Tracey Oorloff. With many companies transitioning to home-based operations during COVID-19 due to not only lower overheads but also the ability to provide personalised services, these are more common now more than ever.

Setting up a delightful home clinic called Tracey’O beauty, Tracey is just one of the thousands of home-based clinics operating amongst the tropical landscape in Queensland.

With over 25 years of experience, bubbly Tracey offers not just a place for nurturing, curing, and rejuvenation but also uses a combination of natural therapies. Natural ingredients and non-surgical treatments are used at Tracey’s clinic and the staff are friendly, upbeat, and greet their clients with a smile. Tracey is currently pursuing a degree in Health Science with a focus on Naturopathy/Nutrition.

If you’ve ever worked in a salon, you’re presumably also familiar with the various state and territory governments’ health and safety laws. You can find the licenses you need to register your home salon/ clinic or business:

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