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Declaration of Apprenticeship – Diploma of Beauty Survey

May 6, 2021

As a result of strong industry demand by business owners for an Apprenticeship program the Beauty Services Industry Reference Group (IRG) was appointed as a working group to investigate the need for a formally designed Apprenticeship training program that would support industry needs.  The IRG has finalised Draft 1 of a proposal to request the Diploma of Beauty be endorsed as an Apprenticeship in Queensland by the Department of Employment, Small Business, and Training.

 Many issues are being investigated for this proposal and components being considered to include (but are not limited to): units of competency to be trained in at each Apprenticeship year level, restrictions and requirements for age and supervision in the workplace, pre-requisite entry requirements, and alignment to the current modern award. 

If you support apprenticeships for Beauty Therapy, please take a few moments to fill out the second survey found in the link below.

Jenni Chapman, who is heading this project, is the industry Skills Advisor.  She is working in conjunction with the Beauty Services Industry Reference Group in developing the Draft (1) proposal to determine the demand and support from the beauty services industry for the Diploma of Beauty to be declared as a funded Apprenticeship in Queensland.

APAN’S Position

APAN has been invited to be part of the IRG and contribute to the development of this program.  As business owners will be delivering the practical component of this training, our main concern is to ensure they possess the appropriate resources, and their knowledge is in line with current qualification updates.  We also wish to identify how the standard of training will be benchmarked within an Apprenticeship program to meet with the qualification requirement.  

However, we recognize that if the structure is carefully developed to ensure the training standard are met, this training option can provide a much-needed solution for business owners who are seeking market-ready graduates to move into the workforce.

Your feedback is important.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could complete the attached 3-minute survey and give your feedback on the proposal.


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