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Are you Looking at Introducing a New Staff Member Into Your Business?

May 16, 2021

If we were to name, the number one “pain” in our industry it would have to be the issue of staffing problems.  Whether this is finding the right staff member, or successfully orientating them to your business environment, one thing is guaranteed, this process carries risks and can be painful and often time-consuming.

We agree that you have worked hard to establish the culture that is reflective of your brand and you need people to follow your lead in implementing the standards and policies on how you want your clients to be treated and serviced.

Finding someone with a perfect fit can appear almost impossible, and many business owners complain that they must retrain their staff, while paying them full wages.

While the need for further training may be true for some, often the real issue can be more accurately classified as the process of Induction, Orientation, or the more modern term which is onboarding. To help business owners get this process right APAN is launching a new Business Resource document. The topic is SUCCESSFUL STAFF ONBOARD INTO YOUR BUSINESS that will prove comprehensive guidelines on how to get this right.

Sloppy onboarding can contribute to a poor experience for your new employee and can make adapting to your culture and way of doing things, slow and clumsy. The result can contribute to less engagement, less retention, and any non-compliant processes or documents could expose you to a future Fair Work claim.

This document will provide you with effective recruitment and onboarding strategies so that you can smoothly bring the best people into your business and create the kind of the first impression that keeps them there.

We are thrilled with the launch of this new resource, as we know it will help make the transition from applicant to employee smoother rather than problematic. We are currently putting the finishing touches on this program and look forward to making it available in the next couple of weeks.  If you are struggling with getting staff onboarding right for you, this resource will be a lifesaver. We know it will be a great help to you and your business.

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