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APAN Launches Youtube Channel

September 27, 2021

Solutions for Aesthetics is now up and running

Press here to view the videos

We are excited to announce the launch of our own YouTube channel this week under the brand name Solutions for Aesthetics. The objective of this initiative is to present to you, scientific updates such as skin care ingredients, equipment, new techniques, cosmetic medicine advances, cosmetic tattoo procedures, mental health support strategies, nutrition and wellbeing information, as well as how to do business in the current era.  The focus of the content will be gutsy and will include quality education to inspire, keep you motivated and provide you with the tools you need to stay resilient and achieve your goals.

The information will be presented as lectures, interviews with experts, as well as fun conversations with colleagues and friends when we will explore “all things aesthetics”.  If you wish to be interviewed and have something inspirational to share, please contact us. Also, let us know what topics you would like us to feature.

The content will be credible, so you can invite your staff and even your clients to follow us. The objective of this initiative will also be to assist you in educating your clients on some of the cool things you do to enhance their skin and their wellbeing and appearance, while also helping you maintain their loyalty.

This is our industry channel, but it is also your channel, so please engage with us and share your thoughts as to how it can provide you with great value.  Of course, there is no charge for accessing this information. Please view our introductory preview here and then listen to my first interview with Gay Wardle – here is the link. We both had a great heart-to-heart conversation about how the various levels of education have allowed her to identify the root causes of skin problems and how this was useful in resolving skin challenges.

If you haven’t connected with our YouTube channel yet, please subscribe and press the notification bell so you get a notification when our next video drops. 

We have an array of guest speakers, so keep an eye on our channel. We would love to interview you! If you would like to be featured, please email

This platform will be able to be readily accessed and will aim to support you in excelling your knowledge in aesthetics, mental health, cosmetic tattooing, supplier information, and more!

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