DUE TO A NEW CLUSTER CASE OF COVID-19 WITH 23 PEOPLE CONFIRMED POSITIVE, South Australia is now in high alert with lockdown measures as of today for six days.

As of Tuesday afternoon, all beauty salons are required to wear a mask while carrying out treatments and, where possible, their clients are asked to wear them too. However, within 24 hours, the situation had changed dramatically.

The South Australian premier Steven Marshall is urging but the public and businesses to fully co-operate and rise to the challenge as he considered these measures as a potential “circuit breaker” to stay ahead of this.  Mr Marshall stated that the government needs breathing space for a contact tracking blitz, in order to contain the spread as quickly as possible.

We urge all S.A salons and clinics to co-operate.  We are standing with you and believing that these restrictions will be quickly lifted, pending any further cases being contained.