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Salon Hub Victoria Is Coming soon..

November 10, 2020

As we know, Victorian salons and clinics have endured collectively a lockdown period of eight months. This has had a devastating impact on business survival. While there are numerous bankruptcies, others are now returning to their salons and clinics believing to move forward towards recovery.

Salon Hub Victoria is a separate website that APAN has introduced to support the recovery of business owners and their staff

Salon Hub Victoria is an online community bringing together consumers and salons and creating awareness of the expert care, services and products available to the public designed to improve their appearance as well as support their wellbeing.  


If you are a salon or clinic and would like to promote your business please complete your details in the Find A Salon Register to assist consumers to find you.

This registry will then be promoted to the public through an extensive MEDIA Campaign inviting and urging the public to visit a salon near them. This website will be available from Thursday.

This will provide them with a registry to find a salon/clinic near them.

Our appeal to the public will focus on highlighting the benefits they can expect by accessing products and services, while also helping their local economy and the survival of these businesses.

Multi-Media Campaign

Through our extensive multi-media database, we will aim to introduce a consumer- awareness campaign to drive a business towards registered salons and clinics and support them on their road to recovery.  This will be a huge task, but we are committed to this project.  If you have any connections or contacts with local journalists please forward their details to us or speak to them and we can provide them with press releases and images so that they can promote you in your region. Let’s work together to create consumer awareness and make a success of this.  Please email us ph: 07 5593 0360.

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