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Is Having A QR Code Mandatory For My State?

December 15, 2020

Over the past few weeks, many State Governments have made contact tracing mandatory and introduced enhanced QR Code contact tracing measures to make the process more efficient and help stop the spread of COVID 19.   

QR codes operate like barcodes and are read using smartphone cameras. However, you will still need to have a paper template for screening your clients in the event that a client does not have a smartphone, or chooses not to use a QR code during check-in.  If you do not have a front desk screening template please contact APAN and we can email one to you.  Regardless of whether you have a paper based or digital option, ALL STATES require that all clients must register when entering your premises.

 All records should be retained for a minimum of 28 days and provided to the relevant state health department upon request. Businesses are encouraged to exercise their legal rights and refuse entry to any patrons who refuse to register. 

Each state has developed it’s own contact tracing app that uses QR technology to register patron details that automatically uploads the information to the relevant state health department. Businesses are encouraged to use the Government-developed apps and register as part of their COVID- Safe Plan to receive their free unique QR Code. 


Salons and clinics in New South Wales should be aware that their obligations differ from other states. From Monday 23 November, it is mandatory for businesses to use electronic check-in methods to collect patron details.  

Under the new requirement, businesses are also required to ensure patrons have provided the required information and must deny entry to those who fail to provide valid details. The obligation of the business goes as far as having a staff member verify that patrons have submitted the required contact details electronically via QR Code by means of sighting confirmation that check-in has been completed.  

It is not mandatory under government regulations to verify valid details have been provided, by means of cross-checking details provided against a license or other form of identification, but it is an option to do so as part of your COVID Safe practices.  All states are now required to adopt the RQ Code for client screening, however, in Queensland, it is not mandatory, but still highly recommended.


The State Governments are strongly urging businesses to use their unique contact tracing apps as the primary means of collecting patron details as they provide a hygienic, contactless way of signing into a venue, protecting the privacy of patrons, and simplifying business record-keeping for more efficient contact tracing.  For full details, here are the links to the various State requirements:






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