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A Global Strategy for Overcoming the Fear of Lockdowns

September 1, 2020

THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN in Victoria has created a great deal of uncertainty for many businesses, with a ripple effect of fear of similar consequences for other states as well. 

While “safety” from viral transmission remains the primary objective, for both the government and industries, there is a great deal of concern with the collateral damage – namely mental health and financial disaster that these measures are bringing if they are required for extended periods of time.

APAN is working on a strategy that we plan to present to the Federal Government that can provide a workable solution.  Our aim is to be able to demonstrate a way to mitigate the risk factors and provide a safer way to allow businesses to open up again.

Having achieved a level of protection with our COVID CLINICAL SAFETY POLICY, we now need to move forward to something that can provide a more regulated approach to safety.

This has been our next project and we have put many hours of planning and working with experts to provide the government with a solution.  While we understand that preventative measure must be stringent to prevent transmission of the virus, we also believe these extended times of restrictions are creating a great deal of stress for our industry and have the potential to collapse our economy, which may take many years to recover.

We need prudent planning and innovative strategies to help the government effectively resolve these concerns.  We fully support and encourage lobbying efforts that various groups within our industry are undertaking, but we are taking the issue one step further in providing a reason why it will be safe for us to reopen.

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