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Trade Waste Discharge Permits

January 17, 2019

RECENTLY, we were approached by a member regarding the validity of paying her local Council for a Trade Waste Discharge Permit. Her local Council required that she obtain a Trade Waste Discharge Permit, which cost $212.90 and then a yearly fee of $198.40.  I quick discussion on one of the industry’s social media forums identified others who were also paying this fee. 

The member requested that we look into the matter as the questions was raised as to the validity and justification of this fee.

For certain regions this is now becoming a regular practice, where Councils require salons to apply for a Trade Waste Discharge Permit.  Businesses that use certain chemicals and products that are considered as sewerage contaminants are subject to yearly permit.  Some of the ingredient’s that come under this category include but are not limited to:

Acids/Alkalis, Solvents (such as mineral turpentine, medical or biological waste, petroleum products, dyes and inks, ammonia, sulphur, grease/lubricants, pesticides/herbicides, paint and typical total suspended solids.

We investigated this matter and also discussed it with a Senior Water Quality and Treatment Officer who confirmed that while these permits are not considered standard for the beauty and aesthetics industry, salon and clinics as reviewed on a case-by-case basis as to whether a Trade Waste Discharge Permit is warranted for each individual case. 

These permits specifically relate to waste that are released through the business’s sewerage that may be considered contaminants or hazardous wastes. 

We therefore wish to bring this to your attention and strongly suggest that businesses examine their practices.  As much as possible we recommend that you implement environmentally-friendly practices and look at ways of disposing of any toxic substance in ways other than through drains, otherwise a Trade Waste Discharge Permit may be imposed on your business. 

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