The Concise Guide to DERMAL NEEDLING
The Medical Edition – Revised and Expanded

RENOWNED GLOBALLY as the educational authority in Skin and Dermal Needling, Dr Lance Setterfield’s, updated manual brings the latest scientific information on this subject.


 We are delighted to announce that Dr Setterfield’s latest manual is now available in Australia.

This is the most comprehensive educational tool on this subject.  Dr Setterfield will also be promoting his online course on the APAN Continuing Professional Development CPD website, which will be available in the next few weeks.

This is an incredible manual that will bring you up-to-date with the latest scientific and practical information to enable you to step-up your results with your dermal needling treatment outcomes.

Here are some of the topics the textbook covers:

  • The science behind Dermal Needling results
  • Expectations and outcomes
  • Treatment parameters and protocols
  • Synergistic treatment modalities
  • Avoiding the inflammatory response
  • Product ingredients to avoid
  • PRP/LMW-HA/Stem cells and Parabens
  • And much more….

The Cost of the Manual $135 Aust.  However, we are extending our conference special of $125 plus freight if purchased by the 25th June 2019.  After that date, the cost will revert to $135 plus freight.

Phone us today to purchase your copy. The Concise Guide to DERMAL NEEDLING

The Medical Edition – Revised and Expanded contains a wealth of in-depth educational information.  If you are performing skin needling or dermal needling this manual is a MUST!Phone 07 5593 0360 or email with your details and we will contact you.